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    [ubuntu] Re: compiz problem

    Enjoy Windows 7 then; I've heard it's fairly good.
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Natty upgrade makes a hash of 4 desktop shortcuts

    Quick thinking that Ubuntaneer!

    It's the woeful 'put' plugin in compiz.

    Seemingly on my default in Natty - perhaps some dev uses it :confused:
  3. [ubuntu] Natty upgrade makes a hash of 4 desktop shortcuts

    For years I've had ctrl + alt + 1-4 (keypad) as shortcuts to desktop 1-4. It's worked flawlessly under everything from Slackware, through Debian and even the gnarled mess that Ubuntu is becoming.
  4. [gnome] Pasting URL into body of evolution new mail

    Pasting stuff into evolution emails.

    CTRL-SHIFT-V -> pastes text as quoted text
    CTRL-SHIFT-V -> pastes URL as quoted text

    CTRL-V -> pastes text as plain text
    CTRL-V -> pastes URL as...
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    [ubuntu] Re: After install 10.04 high load en slow login

    Ubuntu devs believe you need floppy and ipv6 modules loaded.
    Bet you haven't got a floppy drive or an ipv6 router?

    blacklist them in /etc/blacklist.conf
    and then amend the initrmfs with

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