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    [all variants] Running 10.04: upgrade now or wait a month?

    I am running 10.04 and it has recently occurred to me that it would probably be good to upgrade. Nothing in particular is broken, although it would be nice to upgrade Firefox past version 3.

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    [SOLVED] Re: Hulu (Express Install is not supported)

    Just chiming in to say that markbuntu's procedure was the one that helped me.

    Just noticed earlier this evening that Hulu stopped working recently (hadn't been using it much, so can't say...
  3. [SOLVED] Re: Problem installing 9.10 from USB key via UNetbootin

    Ah! In AMI-Bios 8 (at least on the Foxconn R10-S4 system) you need to turn on "Forced FDD" emulation of USB devices for this to work.

    How very intuitive.
  4. [SOLVED] Re: Problem installing 9.10 from USB key via UNetbootin

    thanks again. So far I have repartitioned with cfdisk in Linux, tagged as "bootable" there, formatted in FAT (16, not 32), and used the Windows edition of Unetbootin to write the 9.04 image to my...
  5. [SOLVED] Re: Problem installing 9.10 from USB key via UNetbootin

    Right... thanks for that. Since my last post I've gone ahead and wiped out the read-only isofs partition that comes on all Cruzer U3 devices. So far that has not solved my problem.

    Other than...
  6. [SOLVED] Problem installing 9.10 from USB key via UNetbootin

    I'm having a problem installing 9.10 from a USB key. The frustrating thing is it (mostly) worked the first time, but promptly stopped working on subsequent tries.

    Since I have no CD/DVD drive I'm...
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    [ubuntu] Error starting power manager KPowerSave

    From time to time I get an error that causes my power manager to think the battery has been removed, and/or causes the wireless applet to stop detecting networks. In fact the power thing always...
  8. [kubuntu] Re: KDE Power Manager: "battery has been removed"

    Thanks for the suggestion, but it did not help; I still have the same problem.

    This most recent time it came up, actually, both the power manager AND the wireless network card crashed. I think...
  9. [kubuntu] KDE Power Manager: "battery has been removed"

    From time to time, I will be using my Lenovo T60 and the KDE power manager will flash a "battery has been removed" message, and the power manager icon in the doc indicates that it has no battery. ...
  10. [kubuntu] Odd lines on display when scrolling a window

    When I scroll up or down within a window (e.g. Firefox or kpdf), I see horizontal lines appear within the window at the left and right edges. If I cause the window to refresh somehow, such as by...
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