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  1. Technical question about DMA, reading data off hard drive, multithreading

    Hi all!
    The question is relatively technical, but is almost a simple yes/no answer.
    Here we go:

    I have some program (written in say Java) in which I want to process a huge amount of data off the...
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    Re: Nautilus Performance

    Well I managed to fix this by updating/reinstalling my graphics card driver. Everything is much smoother now! Ubuntu is finally a joy to use again :)
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    Re: Nautilus Performance

    Unless its linked to compiz or the unity I find it somewhat sad that this basic feature isn't working.
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    Nautilus Performance

    I've been a 12.04 user for quite some time now, and using nautilus is getting increasingly annoying. It takes about 2 full seconds to load the contents of a folder (with about 15 things inside)....
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    Re: Phonegap/phonegap build question

    Okay more reading up on this leads me to totally revise what I thought:
    phonegap plugins will just convert any html5/css/js project into code executable on respective platforms.

    So what's the...
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    Phonegap/phonegap build question

    Hi all, I'm looking into writing cross platform mobile apps with phonegap. I was just reading up on it, and want to make sure I understand phonegap's purpose:

    from what I gathered, phonegap is a...
  7. Re: Quick java question (imitating python functionality)

    Ah, so basically you're pointing a new variable to the same object, and then using that reference correct? So essentially the same thing I guess
  8. Quick java question (imitating python functionality)

    Hi there,
    I need to translate a program I have in python to Java. I ran across a problem that made me wonder about the basic functionality of the Java.

    In python, you can reassign a function to a...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Quick question about network configurations/ifconfig

    Sorry not to include that, the configurations/settings/profiles I've made are under that networking drop down (top right corner) -> edit connections

    yeah, just checked what nm-applet was, that's...
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    [ubuntu] network configurations/ifconfig

    I was just wondering about the differences between the "network connections" i have set up in my network preferences and what shows up under ifconfig... I'm probably just confused because the default...
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    Wavelet transform Pywavelets help

    Hi there, I need to incorporate a wavelet transform into a program that I'm writing. I know basically what it does, but I don't know much of the math behind it and the complex math (for instance,...
  12. Re: Help with fast digital accelerometers & more

    I was just talking with my father and I suppose i have a fundamental misunderstanding of 'bandwidth'. I had assumed bandwidth of digital sensors was equal to the maximum output data rate. Really, for...
  13. Help with fast digital accelerometers & more

    Hi all!
    Last year I did a project in which I used piezoelectric sensors to measure vibrations. I shifted the signal into the positive range with an op-amp and converted to digital with an ADC. With...
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    android rooting question

    My parents gave me an android tablet (Zenithink c93 with jb 4.1) for christmas and I was wondering if its possible or worth the effort to try to root it manually, assuming I have no experience with...
  15. Re: Java instantiate non static objects from main?

    An hour later I feel like I have reached enlightenment!

    The reason I can't declare a class (and instantiate it) inside the class containing the main method is that the class containing the main...
  16. Re: Java instantiate non static objects from main?

    One last thing, I just realized that when you created an instance of exercise4$18:

    exercise4$18 thing = new exercise4$18;

    Does this not need () to work? like

    exercise4$18 thing = new...
  17. Re: Java instantiate non static objects from main?

    What I don't understand here is how making a new instance of exercise4$18 inside main like you did is any different from just making an instance of my customer...

    Also, to me it seems quite a...
  18. Re: Java instantiate non static objects from main?

    Is this required? What's the difference between having a public class inside the main class and instantiating that and having it made from a separate file?
  19. Re: Java instantiate non static objects from main?

    I understand that the difference between a class and an instance of the class is that the instance is a build off of the 'blueprint', as i like to think about it. Also, as far as I can understand,...
  20. Java instantiate non static objects from main?

    Hi! I'm about 3 months into java for my high school APCS class. I'm taking it far beyond what the book exercise asks, but since I'm already familiar with programming I thought I'd take the simple...
  21. [ubuntu] Re: ubuntu random freezes + transitions strange

    Okay well if anyone still cares, my final fix for this problem (restarting lightdm is inconvenient because it closes all the programs/applications running) - and that didn't always fix it anyway -...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: ubuntu random freezes + transitions strange

    Okay so it seems like these effects only kick in after I wake up the computer from suspend (didnt notice before since i do it so much!)

    Also if i restart X (sudo restart lightdm) it seems to fix...
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    [ubuntu] unity dash speed

    So i recently upgraded to 12.04 from my stable 10.04. I sort of like the idea of the dash and HUD because i can keep my hands on the keyboard more. It's especially faster when I know what I'm looking...
  24. [ubuntu] ubuntu random freezes + transitions strange

    Hey all, I just upgraded from my [very] stable 10.04 to 12.04 hoping to get to know the new HUD etc etc. However, there are random stalls where everything totally freezes. For instance, music stops...
  25. [ubuntu] question regarding ssh tunnel & http

    I'm trying to figure out how (conceptually) it would work if I wanted to tunnel http traffic from my laptop to my ssh server to the destination.

    So for example, if I'm at school using the wifi...
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