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    Re: What part of Kentucky are you based in?

    Howdy Guys,
    I was born in Lexington,Ky.Don't remember much I was to young, Now lived in Scott City MO.
    Been learning linux for 'bout three years or so (Truck Driver by Trade go figure). Hey to you...
  2. Re: Install latest Beryl svn from packages repository!

    Yes, The problems is fixed.You need to install Python 2.5 min. and Beryl settings Bindings.If windows don't wobbly,go to BSM window management and turn off snapping windows.
  3. Re: HOWTO: Speed up shutdown / Reboot (dapper)

    thanks, big improvement in shutdown/reboot
  4. Re: HOWTO: Speed up shutdown / Reboot (dapper)

    sounds cool,but I'm a little lost. how bout a how-to Thanks gypsy
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