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  1. [ubuntu] I can't upgrade for 13.10 to 14.04 Insufficient space in /boot partition

    Hi, I've got a /boot partition. When I want upgrade the OS I have this error message:

    No hay espacio suficiente en el disco

    La actualización se canceló. La actualización necesita un total de...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Error GPG official repos Ubuntu 13.10

    Hi, here's the command line messages:

    tobal@tofol:~$ gpg --keyserver --recv 40976EAF437D05B5
    gpg: solicitando clave 437D05B5 de hkp servidor
  3. [ubuntu] [SOLVED]Error GPG official repos Ubuntu 13.10

    Hi! I cannot upgrade to new Ubuntu because when I uprade my 13.10 official repos or launchpad repos I obtain this:

    W: Error de GPG: saucy Release: Las firmas siguientes...
  4. [SOLVED] Re: Good text editor for matlab programming with Octave

    There is another alternative, it is SublimeText with SublimeREPL plugin. With the plugin you can execute Octave from SublimeText.
    And another one is Cantor, a kde program. You can install it from...
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    Launchpad Repository for Maths in Natty

    Hi, if there is someone interested i've got a repository in Launchpad, dedicated about mathematics apps.
    Actually I've got these applications:

    Carmetal -> 3.5.2

    Elyxer -> 1.2.1

  6. Re: Math Repository in Launchpad For Ubuntu Lucid

    Thanks :-)
    Well, sometimes I've repackaged SAGE for Mandriva, and it is very difficult because it has got many many dependencies and always it is very unstable. Perhaps this summer, when i have got...
  7. Math Repository in Launchpad For Ubuntu Lucid

    Hi! I'm a mathematician and I've made a repository in Launchpad. My objective is having some math programs updated or include some math programs not available in the main repository of Ubuntu
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    [ubuntu] Re: shutdown problems on asus laptop

    I have the same problem with this laptop, I know the error is in the kernel 2.6.27. This error are in Suse 11.1, Debian Sid, etc. I've installed the kernel 2.6.28 and the error remains again.
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Problems with speedtouch330 in Intrepid Ibex

    Well, I found the solution of the problem, I've written the solution in my own personal blog in Spanish Language.

    Greetings!!!!!!!! :guitar:
  10. [ubuntu] Problems with speedtouch330 in Intrepid Ibex

    Hi, I'm tryin to install Intrepid in my PC, but when I'm loading the live cd, the live cd is frozing at the start of the load (before the GDM), but if unplugged my modem then I can install Intrepid...
  11. [all variants] Re: Install latest plugins for compiz-fusion from git [UPDATED] (NEW SCRIPT)

    It doesn' t work, i obtain all these errors:

    convert : -> build/cubeaddon.xml
    bcop'ing : build/cubeaddon.xml -> build/cubeaddon_options.h
    bcop'ing : build/cubeaddon.xml ->...
  12. [all variants] Re: Install latest plugins for compiz-fusion from git [UPDATED] (NEW SCRIPT)

    Hi, I'm trying to make a deb package about all plugins but cubeaddon plugin doesn't work, i obtain many errors when i write the make instruction. Can you tell me where i can downlo0ad this plugin...
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    Re: Deb Package for Geogebra

    Hi, you can change the language in Opciones->Idiomas Choose your own language.
    Cheers :guitar:
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    Deb Package for Geogebra

    Hello, I've made a debian package for Geogebra program, the alternative to Cabri.
    This package is be able install it since Ubuntu Dapper to Ubuntu Hardy Heron in i386 platforms.
    You can download it...
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    Geometry And Algebra with GeoGebra

    Hi everyone!! I've found a new program for geometry and algebra, his name is GeoGebra and it looks like Cabri.
    The installation in Ubuntu is very easy.
    First, install jre1.6

    If you are using...
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    Re: Is there a C IDE with integrated OpenGL?

    Hi, I don't know any IDE integrating OpenGL but I've compiled my own programs writng in C++ with OpenGL with Eclipse, Qt3 and Anjuta ides.
    I can't explain about this because my english is very poor...
  17. Re: Looking an specific mathematical library in C/C++

    Hello, first thank you for your answers.

    PaulFR->, I know maxima+wxmaxima, but i want create my own program

    dsl-> i'll try flex and bison reading the documentation, i've heard about these...
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    Re: Drawing Graphs

    There is labplot in te repositories too
  19. Looking an specific mathematical library in C/C++

    Hi ! Well it's my first post in this forum and my english is very poor but i need help.
    I want making a mathematical program written in C/C++ but i don't know implement a concrete work. I want that...
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