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  1. [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu 15.10 can't log in after updates

    Could you bring up the history of what was installed? Its located at /var/log/apt/history.log - also are you aware of dpkg-reconfigure command line tool it should reconfigure any bad updates or if...
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    Re: Graphics Driver Upgrade

    You can use the latest nvidia-355 update via adding the ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa - this is the latest ppa which one of the main developers hope will eventually be implemented in the additional...
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    [SOLVED] Re: [4.508261] ACPI PCC probe failed.

    It's a common kernel issue with UEFI - see - I also get this occasionally.....
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    Re: Steam Gaming on Ubuntu

    What type of Asus Zenbook are you using? Is it this - or something else and have you tried installing the intel native linux graphics card drivers...
  5. [SOLVED] Re: phone: searching for a good manual

    I did some searches and found the complete manual for the BQ Aquaris E4.5 which you can find here
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    Re: Red Star OS

    The latest Red Star OS uses the OS X style interface - I personally haven't tried it due to it being in fully Korean and not in English and from what I've heard once installed they'll heavily monitor...
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    [ubuntu] Nvidia AGP Status missing?


    After several attempts to get nvidia's agp status to work it just comes up with an error message stating this:

    cat /proc/driver/nvidia/agp/status
    cat: /proc/driver/nvidia/agp/status:...
  8. Re: Ubuntu phone & desktop integration

    Please keep in mind that Ubuntu Convergence will happen when Unity 8 and Mir are fully ready - at the moment it is under heavy development, you'll not see Unity 8 possibly until after the next 16.04...
  9. Re: Can't login after installing nvidia drivers.

    I've found this while searching and so far no-one had seemed to have suggested it so here you go - go...
  10. Re: Can't login after installing nvidia drivers.

    I've just read the #44 and it looks like you've already posted the lspci | grep VGA command output, can you enter the UEFI/BIOS motherboard at the boot it should be the logo of the manufacturer and...
  11. Re: Can't login after installing nvidia drivers.

    Ok, do the following commands:

    sudo apt-get install nvidia-346

    sudo nvidia-xconfig

    If using the Ubuntu v15.04 the nvidia drivers is at nvidia-346 if using lower versions like 14.04...
  12. Re: Missing operating system shown at computer startup

    If you can't enter recovery mode - have you looked at this documentation
  13. Re: Can't login after installing nvidia drivers.

    Have you used the nvidia-xconfig command in the terminal? if you haven't then do so and reboot - the nvidia-xconfig will automatically generate a xorg.conf file....

    Edit: Plus see...
  14. Re: Can't login after installing nvidia drivers.

    What's your hardware specification and desktop/laptop model? Is your graphics card actually Nvidia or AMD? What's your processor is it Intel or AMD? Those details you haven't clearly stated yet, plus...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu "invisible" even after boot-repair

    Welcome to the forums, have you followed these instructions ?
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    Re: Contributing to

    There isn't a source code I've searched the site and couldn't find anything even a contact page which usually there should be, though be careful it's not supported by Canonical Ltd - have you googled...
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    Re: Dell c1660w Printer | Ubuntu 15.04

    Hello, I've found this in my searches for the printer - do these instructions help
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    Re: How do I install python in wine?

    It sounds like you've downloaded the wrong python version if you have downloaded the python x86 version, and have not set the wine software to 32-bit - it'll default to the 64-bit wine, please...
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    Re: How do I install python in wine?

    What about
    wine msiexec /i python-X.x.x.msi
    The .x should be the version...
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    Re: How do I install python in wine?

    Hi Robbyx, have you opened up the gnome-terminal and typed the command wine along with the link to the windows software? so it should read something like "wine '<program link>' and then enter....
  21. Re: Intel Graphics, EDID and Screen Flicker

    I've re-read the issue which you are having and looked up the model of your laptop, do you have 3D enabled? if not would the 3d acceleration software "Driconf" work for you and hopefully stop the...
  22. Re: Intel Graphics, EDID and Screen Flicker

    Can you enter your bios and change the graphics card display so it uses lets say Nvidia or AMD instead of using the intel graphics, it might be struggling because of two graphics cards conflicting to...
  23. Re: udev rules not working for removal event

    Please see - it may help your situation....
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    [ubuntu] Re: Some do, some don't

    Did you read ?
  25. [ubuntu] Re: terminal wont open after updateing to 15.04

    Can you enter the main console mode via ctrl+alt+F1 and then type your username and password and try and reinstall the terminal via sudo apt-get install gnome-terminal or the equivalent to...
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