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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Netboot preseed minimal server VM install is not minimal

    I have come back to this issue and spent another day banging my head against a wall trying to work out a solution for this issue. I have done some grepping and diffing and made the following list of...
  2. Thread: PXE Server?

    by MTBikerTim

    [ubuntu] Re: PXE Server?

    Yes but we need more information about the dhcp server. Do you have access to modify the config on it? What dhcp server is it?
  3. [ubuntu] Identical Preseed file for Netboot and CD doesn't equal the same package set

    Hey Everyone

    I am having lots of fun with preseed files. But I have run into an issue that I can not work out a solution too.

    The issue is that if I do a minimal Ubuntu server VM install off...
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