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  1. Re: Looking for Linux support in Galveston

    I just made a Ubuntu USB at the library on their Microsoft Windows, and my laptop does not read it.

    I installed Fedora and it took over the boot loader and I did not like Fedora, or how it was not...
  2. Looking for Linux support in Galveston

    I am transient, on a bicycle tour, in Galveston, Texas, and I messed-up my boot loader trying a multi-boot with Fedora.

    I need to burn a new Ubuntu USB, and I am having difficulties finding a way...
  3. What good is the desktop directory screen if the file names cannot be read?

    I am not new to Linux Ubuntu, but I am not a programmer either.

    My problem has been for a long time, and I have tried to find a solution, but it appears that no one else is bothered by the aspect...
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