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    Re: The programming forum question

    As above it's open, how many responses you get will depend on how many Java developers stop in and are willing to respond. Yes Stackoverflow can be rough, I rarely use it for questions, mostly...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Gimp locks up the entire system

    I would first open up the system monitor before launching Gimp and watch what's happening with memory and disk usage. I have an older hardware build due for a replacement with limited RAM, GIMP limps...
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    [ubuntu] Re: New Dell with preinstalled Ubuntu

    I would ask Dell why, you are (should be?) under warranty/support. A really good guess is they just installed Ubuntu on top of their default "install." The good (ish) news is, there may be a Windows...
  4. Re: Creating a backend that supports processing orders placed via the Internet

    Precisely. I've been a developer for over 25 years, and therein lies "kinda sorta" an answer.

    Mostly it's because they "can't get it to work," or "it's almost there but can't do that one thing...
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    Re: Simple New Dual Boot Idea?

    The dual boot with grub is simple enough, no reason to over engineer it. :-) I have two drives, one Windows, one Linux, the way I set it is to default to Ubuntu unless I tell it to go into Windows....
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    Re: Create Dual Boot with Win10 FROM UBUNTU

    ^ I second that one, and it's nice to be able to swap them out when you need to. There are a couple extras you need to do for for Windows 10 that you don't in earlier versions, but it still works.
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    Re: Funky little OS stuff.

    So GnuCash won't work from you? It was one of the first things I did, exported my QuickBooks files as .IIF and imported them into GnuCash, it works better, easier to use, and of course free. A bit of...
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    Re: Anybody interested in Edge for Linux?

    Sure, life isn't quite hard enough trying to get web sites to play nicely with Windows browsers, we need more frivolous problems to solve. It's job security I tell ya', JOB SECURITY! :-D
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    Re: Funky little OS stuff.

    The only thing that "bugs" me about Ubuntu is the screwy window scrollbars. It's a pretty good tradeoff. An excellent tradeoff, actually, my list is much longer for Windows.

    The worst of it is, I...
  10. Re: Chromium browser: keep single version around for a long time

    Does this help?
  11. Re: Mysql: arrow keys not displaying the previous command and syntax error

    The arrow key should work to display previous commands in the buffer, can't help with that.

    table names and column references don't need quotes, that is most likely the largest part of the error....
  12. Re: Best way to share docs between desktop and laptop?

    I use samba and local networking for all local file transfers. I can connect to our Windows network computers as well as the desktop and laptop, both on Ubuntu 18.04. The windows computers can log on...
  13. Re: Daily Limit Exceeded on evolution google calendar

    I use Evolution exclusively. My first thought is that this is a message sent through by the mail server you are connecting to, not Evolution itself. Looks like you are using Google, have you checked...
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    [kubuntu] Re: slack won't open after redirecting

    Can you open the search icon and find Slack? In Unity it's the Ubuntu icon in the lower left. What I usually do is pin it to the taskbar.
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    Re: Company Linux Requirements

    For this you would have to follow the business plan from end to end, and decide what OS and software you're going to work with globally based on the requirements and resources.

    What that means is...
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    Re: Halloween theme is back :P

    I think we'll bring these back this year. Always a hoot, Anubis has a voice emulator with a mini amp in the mask, always scares the bejeezus out of the kids - well not just kids. I come up next to...
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    Re: how to use fonts

    For the overall desktop, try Settings->Universal access. There is an on/off toggle for large text and a setting for zoom.

    If you just want it in your browser when browsing web pages, it would...
  18. Thread: This is next?

    by sdsurfer

    Re: This is next?

    Then there's this. :-\
  19. Re: Should I Dual Boot ubuntu with a togo Windows 10?

    By "ext" you mean external, correct? Maybe that's why it's slow? What do you have internally and what OS, if anything?

    I have two internal drives, one Windows 7, one Ubuntu 18.04, and although I...
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    [SOLVED] Re: How to change font size on top bar

    You would modify the system .css files, but have to be careful. Does this help?
  21. [SOLVED] Re: What to look/check for when moving PHP 5.3/4 from Ubuntu 10.04 to Ubuntu 16.04?

    Usually it's due to a legacy code base and is a business decision. The most important thing is to keep a system working and the business must consider the cost of the updates and debugging required...
  22. Re: Why change from Windows 10 on a fast desktop ?

    You do know you can run Docker on Mac and PC as well, correct? I work with a company that is largely based in Macintosh, but there are Windows machines there as well. Everything runs through docker....
  23. [kubuntu] Re: "The program 'docker' is currently not installed", even though I just installed i

    May not be all that helpful, just to confirm, you did the install as root with sudo? Attempting to run as root? (Their docs show you ways you don't have to run as root every time, once you get it...
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    Re: purchasing tablet

    You will pay more, but I **love** my System76 Gazelle. What are you paying for?

    - Stellar support
    - Configured for Ubuntu or their own POP! OS out of the box
    - The only company I found that has...
  25. Re: Just wondering about better hardware and time sites load

    You still might want to get a "baseline" without the intervention of the browser itself, hence, speedtest-cli. Have you tried comparing with different browsers on the same computer as well?

    A lot...
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