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    [ubuntu] GDM+FluxBox autologin fails

    I'm trying to set up an Ubuntu 12.04 system (based on the Server install) with GDM and FluxBox to auto-login. Accord to what I've read, I just need to add the following to /etc/gdm/custom.conf (which...
  2. [ubuntu] Issues with removing /etc/udev/rules/70-persistent-networking.rules?

    I'm assembling an Ubuntu 12.04 desktop disk image that will be used as a master disk image to be deployed on several identical PCs with built in wired/wireless networking.

    Since each target PC...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: [How-To] easy Dual Screen with Nvidia (ubuntu 8.04)

    I'm not seeing the nvidia X server settings package under Hardy for AMD64 - is this an i386-only package?

    If so, is there an easy how-to for getting dual-view under Hardy for AMD64 (kinda paranoid...
  4. Re: Enlightened Gnome: The Ultimate in Ubuntu Eye Candy

    Great writeup! I followed things pretty tightly, although in my ./gnome2/session, I had to change 0,RestartCommand... instead of 1,RestartCommand...
    Also, I didnt have any left-click functionality...
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