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  1. Re: Light Linux Distributions - Hardware Testing (RAM)

    Thanks, I'll try Bodhi.
    Unfortunately, I can't remember the specs on top of my head. The netbook is at home and I'm at work right now.

    I used to run the last version of Ubuntu LTS without such...
  2. Re: Light Linux Distributions - Hardware Testing (RAM)

    Great work and thanks for posting.

    However, nothing was mentioned about performance when running applications. I have read in some forums that Lubuntu is the lightweight Ubuntu. Thought I give it...
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    Lightweight OS

    I have an old netbook that I was hoping someone can guide me on which OS is so lightweight that it won't hang that system. I have tried Lubuntu and it still lags when I play movies.

    So what do I...
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    [xubuntu] Re: Wireless disconnects

    I agree ... I have a new laptop with Win7 Professional on it that I use daily. Of course, to be fair, you can't really compare free OS to paid OS. Furthermore, Windows has its own problems - Windows...
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    [xubuntu] Wireless disconnects

    Ever since I upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04; my wireless connection is going crazy. I would connect to wifi; browse and for no apparent reason at all, it will disconnects. There's no certain period of...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu on Dell Latitude D620 wifi issues

    bump ... no one can help?

    I have look and tried and without...
  7. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on Dell Latitude D620 wifi issues

    I installed Ubuntu 11.04 for almost a month now. Everything was working fine until today. My wifi connection disconnects by itself from time to time. And when it's connected, it's 1/4 of the usual...
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