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  1. Re: Any interest in a 20.04 release party/installfest/get together?

    Thanks! Definitely will get in touch with both those groups. Sounds like having a small-scale install fest, if we even do one, might be the more reasonable plan. Thanks again for the information!
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    Sticky: Re: Announcing Ubuntu Women

    Hullo! New to the forum and the Ubuntu Community beyond Telegram, and it's nice to have a space for women using/advocating for Ubuntu and trying to inspire and encourage others to do likewise!
  3. Any interest in a 20.04 release party/installfest/get together?

    Hello all! I know this space has been a little quiet, but would anyone here be interested in a meetup for the release of 20.04 on April 23? We'd have plenty of time to organize and spread the word to...
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    Sticky:Poll: Re: Welcome, Introduce Yourself

    Hello! I'm Monica, and been in Georgia for almost 3 years and using Ubuntu on my desktop for about 2! Recently, I just installed my first LAMP server running Wordpress on 18.04 SE, and have started...
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