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  1. [ubuntu] Re: How to take screenshot of my login screen?

    well, it must be possible because you see those type of screenshots on

    but as to how, i have no clue. cos all the screenshot programs i know of, you need to be logged into gnome to...
  2. [all variants] Re: connected to internet, can ping sites, but cannot conncect/view them

    nope, already tried using IP.

    its so strange how i can PING an address like but my browser cannot connect to it. driving me absolutely mad.

    EDIT: surely if it was a DNS problem i...
  3. Poll: Re: Should the forums scrap "Absolute Beginner Talk"?

    superb idea! big ups to you! :guitar:
  4. Poll: Re: Should the forums scrap "Absolute Beginner Talk"?

    the thing is i feel beginners do have enough knowledge to find the right category. surely they know that if one of their hardware not working, post under hardware. if there installation borks, post...
  5. Poll: Re: Should the forums scrap "Absolute Beginner Talk"?

    why do you disagree?
    please elaborate.

    do you feel that only beginner questions do get posted there?
    do you think it doesnt matter if every post gets posted in one category?
    do you think we...
  6. Poll: Should the forums scrap "Absolute Beginner Talk"?

    i know most of the people are gonna not read this initial post and just vote 'no', but for those of you who do read this, let me explain where im coming from.

    everytime i post, like a good little...
  7. [all variants] connected to internet, can ping sites, but cannot conncect/view them

    okay, i currently make use of 3G to connect to the internet (except for now cos it not working).

    i have been using this method for over a year now, and never had a problem. and even when they...
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    Re: Computer Science FAIL

    well, i know how you feel. i studied 3 years for my diploma. in the third-year i had a complete retard for a network communications lecturer. actually, he had his doctorate. but still, he was 100%...
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    Re: Anti-Virus

    and on top of that, as far as i know, most of the current stable versions of different distributions have patched up all the holes that those very few proof of concept viruses took advantage of.
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    Re: What do you think of non-gamers?

    each to their own. ;)
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    Re: Best Browser

    should of been a poll.

    anyways, favorite would have to be firefox. use it in both windows and linux. love the plugins. guess mostly use it cos i haven't had problems with it, so just kept on using...
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    Re: Free pokemon remake

    Elephpant, I chose you!!!
  13. [all variants] Re: copy to new directory of the same name

    may the OP correct me if i'm wrong, but i think what he wants is to create a shell script to do it automagically.

    i would help, but haven't gone into writing shell scripts just yet. any takers? ;)
  14. Re: How to learn Flash/ActionScript (on Linux/Ubuntu)?

    in terms of JavaFX, should i just download the SDK or does NetBeans offer a lot in terms of JavaFX.

    basically i currently am still learning Java, which i use a straight forward text editor. but i...
  15. Re: Cool applications you use that others might not know of

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    [ubuntu] Re: best supported all in one printer ?

    errr....maybe im misinformed, but i completely disagree. when buying printers/scanners i ONLY by HP because they ARE well supported. i've never had any issues. my current photosmart printer/scanner...
  17. Poll: Re: Are you ready to buy native Linux games?

    i answered no, but the truth is i would of if it were a few years ealier.

    i used to be a pc games only person, no console. in fact, i had never actually owned a console till the current generation...
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    Re: Brainstorming website

    i've only looked at the website, but never actually registered and tried it out. but basically companies request what they are looking for and then registered...
  19. [ubuntu] Re: Permanently adding subtitles to movies

    i'm sure k9copy will let you do this. but if you cant do it in k9copy and cant find another program that can, i recommend using handbrake to create xvid copies of the movie, cos then you can select...
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    Re: learn C before C++?

    very good point. :)
  21. Re: What's a good casual multiplayer game for me and my girlfriend to play?

    as a side note, my fiance really digs to play FrozenBubble and Pingus on her own.
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    Re: Windows kicks Linux to the curb (??)

    well there's five minutes of my life i wont be getting back.
    not only was the story not backed up with a single reference, but the authors command of the english language shows little to be desired...
  23. Re: What's a good casual multiplayer game for me and my girlfriend to play?

    everyone rates this game so high, but i've never managed to personally get the feel for the game.
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    Re: learn C before C++?

    thanks guys for all the replies. i've decided to just go straight into c++. really appreciate all the comments (and reading linus' post was rather interesting). :popcorn:
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    learn C before C++?

    simple question:
    would it be better for me to first learn some basic concepts of C before trying to learn C++, or just jump right into C++ head-first?
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