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  1. [ubuntu] Re: [20.04.2] Change Filesystem Label

    The Disks utility will show every partition that has been formatted (Ext4) and containing a Linux operating system as Linux File System. A partition that has been formatted (Ext4) but without a Linux...
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    Re: Can't mount NVME drive

    I am out of my depth. Please confirm that the host OS has a mount point that the drives can be mounted at. It would be a folder or directory such as /media. Have you considered editing /etc/fstab?
  3. Re: Unable to boot after dist-upgrade on 20.04

    This is what the man page says about dist-upgrade

    Packages are held back because supporting/dependency packages are not yet available. Installing the held back packages might break the system....
  4. Re: Ubuntu is making EFI changes during updates

    Could this problem be caused by the Ubuntu Grub being installed on the Arch drive?

    If we have two Linux distributions on two different drives, then the Grub bootloader from each must be install...
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    Re: new user

    If you are serious about experimenting with Linux commands be prepared to re-install. It is the quickest and simplest way of fixing a broken operating system. Alternatively, dual boot with another...
  6. Re: SUGGESTION to make it possible on all ubuntu to select install location

    I wonder if the original poster is thinking of Windows applications? Run Setup.exe or Install.exe and the user gets to choose which directory/folder the application is installed into.

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    [ubuntu] Re: Problem Booting From USB

    That machine was originally sold to run either Windows XP or Windows Vista. Although the computer processor is 64 bit it might not be possible to run Ubuntu 20.04 on it. May be the machine does not...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: how to make a usb drive act your main drive on a laptop

    I do not understand what you are trying to do. Is it

    a) Burn a Ubuntu iso image to a USB memory stick and then run a Ubuntu live session?

    b) From a Ubuntu live session install Ubuntu to a USB...
  9. Re: My grandma is still on Lubuntu 18.04 until COVID-19 lockdown is lifted

    Debian will provide an ISO image that installs the LXDE desktop environment that Lubuntu 18.04 uses. I recently wanted to install 32 bit Debian as a trial to see how long support of 32 bit continued....
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    Re: I have some issues

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    [ubuntu] Re: unable to contact snap store

    It is not clear if you are unable to connect to the snap store in Ubuntu 20.04 or Linux Mint 20. Did you do a fresh install of Ubuntu 20.04? It is my understanding that the Linux Mint developers have...
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    Re: Again? Lawsuit against Linux

    There is speculation that cockroaches can survive a nuclear blast. It is more myth than reality. I do not have a fondness for cockroaches but comparing lawyers to cockroaches would be an insult to...
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    Re: Best way to upgrade...

    In my opinion, electricity has everything to do with what you are trying to do.

    1) Make one change at a time and test to see if the motherboard UEFI settings utility recognises the change and if...
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    Re: Blocked update

    What command did you run to install Raspberry Pi Imager on Ubuntu? Was it this one?

    If you used apt install then you can remove the Raspberry Pi imager in 2 ways.

    1) Open Ubuntu software...
  15. Re: ROS (robot operationg system)

    Please open Software & Updates and confirm that the Universe, Restricted & Multiverse repositories are enabled.

  16. Re: Is there such a thing as Ubuntu containers?

    Try internet searching for Ubuntu LXD. You will find stuff like this
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    [ubuntu] Re: Upgrade Ubuntu 10.04 to 12.04

    You need to do an End of Life Upgrade. This wiki page will explain it.

    The repositories of end of life releases are moved to...
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    Re: where is my media file?

    I have no intention of watching a 33 minute video but if I am guessing correctly, you want to use Ubuntu to create either a USB memory stick or a CD ROM with an Xbox operating system on it or an Xbox...
  19. Re: snap should be dropped in desktop versions

    My understanding of the idea behind snaps is that it should be easier for the application developer to get an updated version of his app published. And there are different channels that the snap of...
  20. [SOLVED] Re: I think I screwed up very badly (need help)

    To anyone reading this thread and tempted to learn by experimenting, please do it on a second install of Linux/Ubuntu that you do not mind do a re-install with. Please do not do it on your daily work...
  21. Re: Wich distro would be better for my potato?

    Which content is this? You may need to install some non-free or proprietary video or audio drivers. Which is a different question. Or, it may be as stated by someone else that many web sites now have...
  22. Re: Hello! Swap partition turning it self off

    According to this web site Ubuntu has not used a swap partition since Ubuntu 17.04. Ubuntu should be using a swap file.
  23. Re: snap should be dropped in desktop versions

    I use the snap version of Zoom client and unlike the Linux version on the zoom web site it is kept up to date by whoever is producing the snap version. I even get some controls over permissions when...
  24. Re: A fitting tribute to an incredible genius

    Anyone heard of Tommy Flowers? I thought not. Have you heard of the man who lead a team of British General Post office engineers who were working on electronic telephone exchanges to replace...
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    Re: Advice on Wayland?

    I understood Wayland to be a protocol and that a compositing window manager (compositor) would be needed that operates according to the protocol. It seems that Mutter is the Wayland compositor for...
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