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  1. [ubuntu] Re: How large a /boot recommended for 21.10?

    What is the output of:

    uname -a
    dpkg -l | grep linux-image

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    [SOLVED] Re: getting vnc to start at boot up

    What are you doing on the remote system? There may be a sleeker solution to do what you require.....
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    [lubuntu] Re: Computer won't shutdown

    If you run:

    sudo shutdown -h now

    Does the system power off OK or do you see the same output?
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    Re: Openbox Ubuntu 12 hour time

    The terminal is not affected by the WM/DE you use. It's the terminal. Which terminal application are you using and which shell please? (If you are unsure of the shell it's probably BASH).
  5. Re: Permissions for Jellyfin Service account in Ubuntu

    If you want to give this access to the folders in your user's home folder then I suggest you make a new group with your user and jellyfin in it then apply this group to the folders in your home...
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    [SOLVED] Re: i3 no windows, no menu

    Pressing CTRL + ALT + T will launch a terminal
  7. Re: Touchpad configuration/ acceleration


    sudo lshw

    in both OSes and note the differences for the touchpad device...
  8. Re: Stuck in Busybox because sda6 can't mount

    Boot to live USB / CD desktop then run an fsck on all internal partitions to check that they are consistent
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Unable to install Google Chrome on Ubuntu 20

    I suggest you use the

    dpkg -i /path/to/filename.deb

    command in a terminal to install Chrome. Obviously point to the actual deb file in your filesystem. The command above as-is will not work
  10. [ubuntu_budgie] Re: Update error: Cannot verify issuers authority: Certificate

    To work around, you can add the


    option as stated in your output
  11. [ubuntu_budgie] Re: Update error: Cannot verify issuers authority: Certificate

    Looks like the site was missing one of it's intermediate certificates. I've been on and it shows a valid certificate. Is it working now?
    What is the output of

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    Re: SDR-SDR++ is not running.

    What does "not working" mean? What did you do and what did you expect to see? What happened instead?
    Details please.....
  13. [ubuntu] Re: failing Ubuntu 18.04 installation on dell Latitude 5411 - business laptop

    You can install server edition if you like. Its the same as the desktop version but has no GUI. Considering this is a laptop it seems a bit counter intuitive but some people do run servers on laptops...
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    Re: Ubuntu wont work

    Details please.....
  15. Re: Cannot mount Samba share from Ubuntu or Android

    If you SSH to the system to manage it then you can mount SFTP. AndFTP in Android can do this and it connects on port 22. Nice and easy. This will sidestep the issue.
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    Re: 12.04lts upgrade

    You aren't getting any updates so your browser, kernel and all libraries and application have unpatched security holes. It is technically "broken". Yes the OS will run but you can also install...
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    Re: 12.04 lts file permissions

    +1 for the upgrade

    I suggest you wipe Ubuntu off and do a clean install of Focal (Ubuntu 20.04) which is LTS and supported until April 2025. You should then restore your user data from your...
  18. [SOLVED] Re: Back Up Data to 12 TB Drive Failed

    Excellent testing but yeah sounds like a duff drive or some power management stuff is kicking in and interrupting the transfer. I'm not familiar with the device in question so can only make guesses...
  19. [ubuntu_studio] Re: Easy file transfer between Win 10 and Studio 21.04 - how ?

    sudo apt install openssh-server

    The transfer between the server and client will be encrypted too. You can use your Ubuntu username and password to authenticate. You can set up SSH keys as...
  20. Re: Text on websites is too light to read

    Try Chrome. See if it's different there
  21. [ubuntu_studio] Re: New install; multiple examples of 'unable to open file '/etc/dconf/db/site'' -why

    What is the output of

    lsb_release -a
    uname -a
    apt-cache policy konsole
  22. Re: Rapidly decreasing home free space available

    You have 9Gb in /var
    If you run

    cd /var
    sudo du -sh *

    Then you can see what is taking up the space. Rinse and repeat until you have interrogated the file system and you can see what is...
  23. [ubuntu_studio] Re: Easy file transfer between Win 10 and Studio 21.04 - how ?

    If you have openssh-server running on the Ubuntu system you can connect to the SFTP service from Windows using something like Filezilla (the Windows file manager isn't very good).
    The Mint system...
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    Re: Permissions for boot.log denied

    The boot.log file isn't readable by your user. You can check permissions with

    ls -la /var/log/boot.log

    So, as psychohermit says, you will need to prefix with sudo.
  25. Re: Deja-dup has stopped working since upgrade to Ubuntu-21.04

    Is /tmp full? You can check with

    df -h
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