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  1. Please *resolve* your innconsistent and negative moderating by deleting my account

    After receiving an infraction for speaking out again Fuscia being 'shuffled off' I wish for you to remove my Ubuntu Forums account.

    Amazingly, when I report a moderator (hikaricore) for being rude...
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    Re: fuscia left the forums

    Do you admin realise how ridiculous and authoritarian that post makes you sound? Seriously, when you're (group)thinking along these lines then you lot really need to start considering your positions...
  3. Re: Showoff Your "glxgears" FPS Under Gutsy Gibbon

    Doesn't seem to want to work for me =(

    C:\Documents and Settings\Footissimo>glxgears
    'glxgears' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.
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    Re: Your very 1st OS

    I had a 16k Spectrum at one point, though quickly migrated to Atari 800/800XL (rare in the UK, but miles better than the Speccy and C64). In my own defence, I was using a ZX80 at age 8-9 =)
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    Re: Your very 1st OS

    Sinclair BASIC on a ZX80.

    God, I'm old.
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    Re: What mobile phone(s) do you own?

    I own a N95 and have been syncing it with evolution for a while..previous to that I used to do it with its predecessor, the N80. Can be a bit of an **** to set up, but nothing too taxing - see here...
  7. Re: Gutsy: Desktop Search - Anyone actually use it?

    Yes me!

    I think it's's never been a resource hog and does it's once only index quickly and without taking down your computer..doesn't take any screen estate etc etc =)
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    Re: You guys are gonna LOVE this...

    Just wish Belkin would get their arses into gear with a few of their wireless cards that have a wonderful habit of making Ubuntu as crashy as I've ever seen an OS *sigh*
  9. Re: Help Wanted! - Making a Gunbound-like game for Linux. Wanna help? :D

    This thread isn't going to drop off the board is it? =(
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    Re: Show Me How Good KDE Can Look!

    This one took a while to customise...
  11. Re: RM to release Linux powered mini book in UK

    Would really like to see the keyboard and whether it would be a bit of a mare for the more large-fingered of us. Could do with Ubuntu on there too (rather than Suse)

    Oh and Ubuntu Oatcake Edition...
  12. Poll: Re: Do you plan On Upgrading or Formatting each time a new Ubuntu Version Comes out?

    I hate it when a new version of Ubuntu comes along - each time I say that I'll stick with the current version for until the next one..and each time I last about a month before the curiousity gets...
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    Re: We Need to Kill GNOME

    By far the most sensible comment in this whole thread.
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    Re: EVE ONLINE + LINUX + MAC tis official now.

    Hate to sound negative, but does anyone know if it will be possible to run this without directly / indirectly supporting Cedega? Looks like something I'd be really interested in getting into, but I...
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    Re: Post your wine screenshots!

    Just Call of Duty and American McGee's Alice at the moment - both work 100% (Alice finished ages ago, but it's a stunning game IMO)
  16. Re: September 2007 Desktops (Safe for work ONLY) - Please include theme details.

    My usual desktop - really hasn't changed much over the last couple of years *sigh*

    Wallpaper is 'up in the air' - I think I got it from deviantart, but it's been so long now. Still love it =) ...
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    Re: What is in your cup right now?

    Twinings green / black tea blend with a dash of milk and a 1/2 teaspoon of sugar =)
  18. Re: Ubuntu Community Manager (Jono Bacon) releases 8.04's development name

    I wanted Hungry Hippo too =(

    We need a Hungry Hippo fork :mad:
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    Re: Do you like football?

    I like football, though not rugby or american football =)

    For my sins, I am a Nottingham Forest fan. Every week just increases the pain.
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    Re: Linux Credit Card

    I may sign up if it comes to the UK...but, please, not Tux - there are plenty of decent FOSS logos around..just not Tux.
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    Re: Any native linux game like...

    Gawd I wish BZFlag was like Battlezone (I presume we're talking about the wondeful 1997 version). I've spent ages trying to get the silly game to work in Wine, but it doesn't and the servers have...
  22. Re: HOWTO: Quickly convert videos to Ipod / Smartphone format

    Altered the framerate and bitrates to your specs - takes off a fair chunk of the file size (approx a 1/3rd on the two I've tried).

    Edit: The second file is the script with the bitrate changes but...
  23. Re: HOWTO: Quickly convert videos to Ipod / Smartphone format


    As I mentioned, I didn't do the actual mp4ize script, but I would imagine that it's possible to change the ruby script

    DEFAULT_ARGS = "-f mp4 -vcodec xvid -maxrate 1000 -qmin 3 -qmax 5...
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    Re: secret maryo help

    You shouldn't apologise - Hikaricore was rude, then was again with the 'more than obvious' bit. Describing it as sarcasm doesn't make it any less rude..and it's made worse by the fact that...
  25. HOWTO: Quickly convert videos to Ipod / Smartphone format

    Found a little script that will convert videos to IPod video format (i.e. mp4 with xvid and aac encoding) utilising ffmpeg and ruby. The nice thing about this is that it will preserve the original...
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