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    Re: Mir vs. Wayland & effect on Linux "Ecosystem"?

    It doesn't seem fair to compare a venerable, mature, nearly-functional project like HURD with an upstart like Mir :V.
  2. Re: MIR will be the new display server, and Unity will be ported to Qt

    If Wayland wasn't quite capable of what they wanted to do, they should have contributed until it was. If their ideas got rejected, then maybe they would be justified in going their own way. Instead...
  3. [all variants] Probable hard drive failure, but grub rescue still comes up

    I have recently been trying to get my long-unused computer up and running. The first time, it booted successfully, but since then it has not. Most recently it makes several rapid clicking sounds...
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    Re: Is this why there are so many bugs?

    So it sounds like the documentation in Ubuntu is fine, and the wiki can be improved, but the main problem is that Launchpad lets you file bugs that will be automatically marked invalid without...
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    Re: Why Linux Sucks

    It would indeed be nice if the big distros could come up with some sort of standard that would allow developers of applications to simply write and package it once and have it work for everyone. ...
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    Re: Do you trick out or go stock Desktop?

    I customize, but my costomization has been essentially the same for almost five years- dark-ish theme, bar on top with menus and tray, and dock on bottom. It took some fiddling to accomplish that...
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    Re: GNOME-flavoured Ubuntu Spin Coming

    I might check it out. It's a hassle to boot up into a different environment just to install Gnome-shell, and I'm always wondering if any of my esoteric problems involve Gnome components fighting...
  8. Re: Apple vs. Samsung, verdict reached quite quickly...

    I'm sure that the iPhone's mind-share helped them a great deal in this case: "That thing that I haven't heard of looks like an iPhone! I'll take Apple's word that the other company is in the wrong."...
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    Re: epic judge is epic.

    This is pretty awesome... I wonder what the justification was for ordering them to pay each other different amounts, though. It would have sent a stronger message if the amounts were the same.
  10. Poll: Re: Linux Mint should drop Cinnamon and join forces with MATE

    I achieve similar goals with Gnome-shell + extensions, but I think Cinnamon has more of a future than MATE because it is based on current tech rather than old tech.

    In my perfect world, though,...
  11. Re: Living with Microsoft Windows 7 for the next several years

    I don't know the particulars of the "security check" software the school requires you to run, but if it's the kind of thing you run once to sign onto the network, it might just give your MAC...
  12. Re: With WINE can you run windows programs or windows games

    Nothing bypasses the BIOS. Wine is basically a bunch of library files (not sure if that's the proper terminology). When you use it to run a Windows program, the program thinks these library files...
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    Re: Gnome Devs are lost? removing features now

    The extension system is the only reason I use Gnome-shell, but it does have its flaws. The lack of centralization means the Gnome devs don't control what's available, but it also leads to a lot of...
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    Re: What sort of Linux users use IRC?

    With IRC, there's not really any sort of signing up involved. You just join the server, choose a screen name, and join the channel. No personal data is required. Unless you register your name,...
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    Re: Ubuntu takes on Coca Cola!!

    I think the real question is, does it support the full range of Cola 3.x technologies or only a limited subset?
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    Re: Strange structure on NASA photo

    Anyone notice that the computer screen in the background on the left has the same image? It looks like there's some kind of marker over the same spot as the mystery object. Perhaps the object is...
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    Poll: Re: When will GIMP 2.8 be released?

    Heh... My avatar is still tuned for the previous forum theme. Does it support avatar transparency yet?

    I used to follow GIMP development a little obsessively, but then I took a break and when I...
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    Poll: Re: Barnes and Noble

    Maybe they ended their subscriptions because all the Linux users show up and read the magazines over tea and a brownie instead of buying them :P
  19. Poll: Re: How many people use Ubuntu with Gnome-shell in stead of Unity?

    The only windows I can think of that pop up in the background are Firefox's "Downloads" and Update Manager. I'm pretty sure the latter is by Ubuntu's design, because I remember the controversy back...
  20. Poll: Re: How many people use Ubuntu with Gnome-shell in stead of Unity?

    If you use a "classic" Gnome interface with Cinnamon, can you preserve the Shell overlay as a hot corner/button? That sounds to me like choosing between new and old on the fly.

    I guess a better...
  21. Poll: Re: How many people use Ubuntu with Gnome-shell in stead of Unity?

    Cinnamon does look intriguing, much more so than the doomed MATE, but as long as I can pry the functionality I want out of vanilla Gnome-shell + extensions, I'll stick with that. I wonder what extra...
  22. Gnome 3's new approach to application design

    Should be interesting...

    As usual, I like some of their ideas but am not quite sold on others. ...
  23. Re: Fedora, OpenSUSE, and Gentoo are all looking to drop Compiz...

    Gnome-shell's "Activities Overview" works pretty much like the Scale Plugin (it even activates via upper left hot-corner, same as Compiz default).

    Mutter does animations on par with the simple...
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    [gnome] Re: Gnome shell with network notification

    I'm having this problem too...

    Might be related to this bug:
  25. Re: Fedora, OpenSUSE, and Gentoo are all looking to drop Compiz...

    I wonder if we'll see a return to Unity-Mutter...

    ...Or maybe Unity2D+KWin for 3D effects.
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