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    Re: Many attempts before connect to Wifi

    I have the same problem but with eth0 , sometime I can't get ip, I need to reboot and go to wind8 and then reboot on ubuntu 14.04
    I have intel
    Ethernet Connection I217-LM
    using same mod e1000e ...
  2. [ubuntu] Samba show printer after long time , make faster discovery from windows

    Hi there,
    I have set-up cups with samba integrate everything working fine , all the printers are sharing in the network ,
    mac clients works fine, Bonjour protocol is very fast :P

    im using...
  3. [SOLVED] Re: HOWTO: Share a scanner on the network in Lucid Lynx

    New version of php scanner server running in ubuntu server 12.04 is compatible with ADF support for HP LaserJet 100 colorMFP M175nw

    enjoy !
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    [SOLVED] Re: SSD poor performances


    "Enable Automatic TRIM => Tested OK"
    is it meaning you did this test ?

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