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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 14.04: trying to put a program launched from terminal onto taskbar

    In Unity you need to create a ".desktop" file to have a launcher. The details of this are explained here:

    In your case, I suppose...
  2. Re: mouse double click not working suspect update as cause

    If you need to stop X in order to create this file, then I wonder if it would be possible to create a bash script that performed all of the necessary actions for you. A script that stops X, then...
  3. Re: mouse double click not working suspect update as cause

    This page seems relevant to your situation:

    It looks like most of this is editing configuration files or installing software via command line,...
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    Re: Linux has until April 2013 to grab me back

    Yes, but they were crazy to start with. They didn't give users a mouse with a right-click until well into the 2000s.

    Also, I seem to have no avatar or signature. And this got moved to recurring. I...
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    Linux has until April 2013 to grab me back

    TL;DR - I'm looking for something good that Linux has to offer before Lucid Lynx loses support. I'm not impressed with Unity, Gnome 3, or Windows 8, so I'd like something good that the open-source...
  6. Poll: Re: Time for Google Chrome to be the default browser?

    Chromium scores 293 and Chrome scores 288, which is only slightly better than Firefox's 255 and Opera's 258. When compared to IE9 (130) Firefox 4 is still way ahead in standards compliance.

  7. Poll: Re: Time for Google Chrome to be the default browser?

    Well, given that Canonical tries to include only open-source programs in their default programs, Google Chrome is unlikely to ever be the default. Chromium could be, but not Chrome.

    Regardless, I...
  8. Re: How would you answer the question, "How does Linux make money"?

    In my experience open source projects make money in five different ways:

    1. They take donations. A well known project that functions mainly on donations is the Gnome project.

    2. They offer paid...
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    Re: Stop making games in java!

    That, or you could buy one of these:

    The Cray CX1-iWS is a workstation computer made by the same people who...
  10. Re: I broke ties with OpenOffice today, and un-installed it.

    The Document Foundation wants Oracle to donate the name to the LibreOffice project. The name LibreOffice will be discontinued if/when Oracle surrenders the trademark to the Document...
  11. Poll: Filling Out the Uninstallation Survey

    So I just filled out my last of 4 uninstallation surveys for my Windows installs. Each one contained the same information: I'm moving to LibreOffice.

    I'm curious to see if you guys...
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    Re: How idealistic are you about FLOSS?

    I fall into the group that feels that FOSS is a good idea and I love some of the software that it has produced. I also love the fact that the community of FOSS has a lot of power behind it. However,...
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    Re: Could Linux power a computer for 20 years?

    My family bought our first computer 14 years ago, way back in early 1997. It's specs were (and still are):

    Gateway 2000 P5-200
    200 MHz Pentium I
    32 MB RAM
    4 GB HDD

    Nowadays, that is nothing....
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    Dell Quietly Gives Up on Ubuntu

    Well, it's happened folks. Take a look at Dell's website page that shows all of their computers which currently feature Ubuntu Linux:...
  15. Poll: Re: When are you updating your main pc/os to 11.04?

    My main PC, the laptop that I'm posting this from, is going to be sticking with 10.04 for the foreseeable future. My Lucid install is too solid for me to give it up. :D

    My desktop, on the other...
  16. Thread: Ubuntu Vista

    by chessnerd

    Poll: Re: Ubuntu Vista

    Personally, I thought that 9.10 was Ubuntu's "Vista" and that 10.04 was Ubuntu's "7" so we are already on Windows 9. :p

    (It would be a funnier comparison if I could get back the hours I spent...
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    Re: GNOME Blog on Canonical, GNOME, and KDE

    Canonical and GNOME especially have been butting heads as of late. The whole Unity vs. GNOME Shell thing is just short of becoming an outright war, and there can only be one "winner". Either most...
  18. Re: Do most professional computer scientists prefer to use Linux?

    At the university I attend, the computer science department sees a lot of Linux use. In addition to having 2 Linux labs on campus, most of the professors I have had seem to prefer it to Windows. Two...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Reset Sound In Ubuntu

    It is difficult to connect to a wireless network via command line, so if you are trying to use a wireless connection, you'll either need to Google how to do that, or, and I would advise this, switch...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Reset Sound In Ubuntu

    So you used that blogspot post to remove pulseaudio. Neat, I have a friend who's struggling with pulseaudio who I can show that too.

    Okay, here is the problem:

    You installed the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: StarTech ICUSBAUDIO USB audio trouble

    I'm also having trouble with this exact USB sound adapter. The adapter shows up under Sound Preferences, and I can choose it as output, but it doesn't work.

    It worked the very first time I used...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Reset Sound In Ubuntu

    That bad? :shock:

    It's okay... I've done worse. I usually fix the issue by going to Synaptic and undoing what I've done.

    So, start by opening up the Synaptic Package Manager (System >...
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    [ubuntu] Re: installation issues 10.10

    I'm glad you were able to get Ubuntu to work. I also hope that 11.04 will be a strong release because I plan on upgrading my desktop to it (I have a wireless card I use with it that 11.04 finally...
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    [kubuntu] Re: GRUB command to change kernel

    I would advise running the check to make sure that the hard drive you are using isn't failing. It isn't likely, but I have found it to be the case on a couple of systems I've looked at.

    The Live...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Wireless can't connect in Ubuntu 10.10

    It is quite possible that it isn't a driver issue, and that reminded me of a problem I had last year that then lead to the wireless not working where the solution was to restart the router. I banged...
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