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  1. [ubuntu] Best approach for common application access from standard accounts?

    I have an issue to solve as administrator for a new house-of-worship system in the pre-installation programming phase. I anticipate both Departments at OMS Japanese Christian Church (Walnut Creek,...
  2. Re: Broke my computer trying to overwrite Windows

    :-( Sorry I can't help you much, but SecureBoot is irreducibly complicated for cause. The firmwares for SecureBoot-certified hardwares and the shim-process software for bootloading use ECDSA-SHA256...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Lubuntu 16.04 and Nvidia drivers.

    An add-in card to by-pass the 64-bit geForce® GPU in the nForce® 430 chipset. A system as old as your GT5656 will probably not handle a card with wider than 128-bit video memory; I therefore suggest...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Lubuntu 16.04 and Nvidia drivers.

    I've some information about my experiments with an nForce® slimline. During my prepwork on an emachines®/acer® EL1210-09 (2.4 Ghz Advanced Micro Devices® Athlon® LE-1620 (Socket AM2), nVIDIA®...
  5. [kubuntu] Re: Need help with Xonar DGX sound card

    I have experience with the ASUS® XONAR® Series under ubuntu®. The driver ye want from the Advanced LinUX Sound Architecture Project is snd-virtuoso, specifically written for the ASUS AV-100 as...
  6. [ubuntu] Best option for nVIDIA chipsets and upgrade discrete GPU's for 20.04?

    As of 11 February 2020 I am sorting out how to keep an eMachines®/Acer® EL1210-09 upgraded with an msi® GT610 1GB DDR4 low-profile VDA (nVIDIA® GF119) and Shuttle® PC6300001 running like a top...
  7. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] Replacing a system hard drive in 16.04.6-LTS

    As it turns out, the BIOS did cooperate; but ddrescue failed me writing the old data to the new WD5000 - the target data was garbled in the attempt to clone /srv and several critical settings files...
  8. [SOLVED] Replacing a system hard drive in 16.04.6-LTS

    My Hot Rod gPC™ is getting temperamental as of January 2020. All three Toshiba® MQ01ABD050's (500 GB per each) on GIGABYTE® GA-A78GM-S2HP v2.0 ports SATA1 through SATA3 are as consistent as the day...
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    [all variants] Morse module defaults in GRUB-PC

    I am currently considering an unconventional configuration of Grand Unified Bootloader for a pair of older-model Acers under consideration for digital signage in a house of worship. As intel® had a...
  10. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] Configuring for rack-mount keyboards sans numberpads

    Solution found! Datum changed via sudo jupp /etc/default/numlockx: NUMLOCK = auto off
  11. [SOLVED] Re: Configuring for rack-mount keyboards sans numberpads

    POST Setup settings do not affect this behavior, as it occurs during actual OS loading. Auto Numlock occurs (1) preparing to display the Login screen and (2) preparing the user homescreen.
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    Re: Loving ubuntu

    I've run serial releases of ubuntu® in a machine that started out as a stock everex® TC-2502 (1.6 GHz VIA® C7-D, CN700 chipset with integrated UniChrome GPU) running a Good OS LLC-distributed...
  13. [SOLVED] Configuring for rack-mount keyboards sans numberpads

    As of 26 June 2019 I am reinstalling xubuntu™ 18.04.2-LTS on a Gateway®/Acer® DX4822-01, and I've a configuration issue with a lenovo® SK-8840 i8042 keyboard/touchpad (a similar problem exists for...
  14. [ubuntu] Recommendations on Gigabyte display adapters for an AM2/+/3 system?

    I'm currently investigating scenarios for hardware upgrades on my Hot Rod gPC™ (GIGABYTE® GA-MA78GM-S2HP v2.0 planar and Beta BIOS F6D; 2.3 GHz Advanced Micro Devices® Athlon 64® 3500+), and I find...
  15. [legacy Windows] Methodology for updating a Magellan Maestro?

    I recently received a Magellan® Maestro™ 4370 (P/N 800-0061-001; S/N 0760223417633; software as of 4 July 2018 © 2008 Magellan Navigation Inc.; charts as of 4 July 2018 © 2013 Navteq) as a premium...
  16. Re: Recommended Graphics card for HP Elite 8000 SFF?

    The Shuttle® PC63A is one of the most compact power-supply units on the market, with 500W overall capacity. Not every small form factor case will take it, however; I still had to do some cutting...
  17. Re: Recommended Graphics card for HP Elite 8000 SFF?

    The COMPAQ® 8000 Elite™ was offered with 240W and 320W power-supply units. After reading the official support page at Hewlett-Packard® Support℠, most of the half-height video display adapters...
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    Sticky: [ubuntu] Re: Meltdown and Spectre Discussion Sticky

    Thanks for the confirmation. That shelves the Gateway®/Acer® DX4822-01 desktop proposal for ubuntu® 18.04.0-LTS, as the Wolfdale platform (on which the intel® Pentium Processor® E5300 (FCLGA775) is...
  19. Re: Unity out, Gnome desktop in from now on? Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Unity out, Gnome desktop in from now on? I'm chill with it. For my requirements, GNOME® is more predictable; I can run a projector as Display 2 and not have a second taskbar on it. I planned on...
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    Sticky: [SOLVED] Re: Old hardware brought back to life

    :-D Actually, as a VIA® pc2500™ licensee, the Everex® TC2502 shipped stock with a 1.5 GHz VIA® C7-D and CN700 chipset with integrated UniChrome™ GPU - that's how mine was, prior to a complete rat...
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    Sticky: [ubuntu] Re: Meltdown and Spectre Discussion Sticky

    I have results for the just-released Image 4.13.0-37-generic (as of 8 March 2018) on the Hot Rod gPC™ and its AMD Athlon64® 3500+:

    Spectre and Meltdown mitigation detection tool v0.35
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    [SOLVED] Re: Can't open Gparted

    Thanks for the heads up on a to-watch-out-for. The Hot Rod gPC™ packs three Toshiba® MQ1ABD050's and I've plans for a fourth; I've preplanned GPT on all four as part of the major dist-upgrade to...
  23. [SOLVED] Re: Xorg problem since recent Kernel Update

    Thanks for the heads up on a potential incompatibility. I'm looking at a non-negotiable situation for the Hot Rod gPC™, as the first-generation Advanced Micro Devices® Athlon 64® MPU is involved in...
  24. Re: Kernel 4.16RC (Release Candidate) series

    Thanks for the progress point. Retpoline is in heavy development between Kernel 4.16 and the GNU® Compiler Collection™; I'm awaiting Retpoline updates to a slew of Packages including but not limited...
  25. Re: go curved monitor or go flat monitor

    I wouldn't recommend a curved monitor smaller than 34" due to desk-space considerations and horizontal radius as a function of screen width. The vast majority of computer users work from flat-screen...
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