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  1. Re: What popup blockers do you use with firefox?

    Moved to Ubuntu, Linux and OS Chat, as this isn't a request for support.
  2. Re: Why change from Windows 10 on a fast desktop ?

    It's entirely over to you which OS you run. If Windows 10 does what you want in the way you want, then keep on running it.
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    Re: Which brand of TV are you using ?


    I spend a lot of time online, which in some ways might be just as bad. :)
  4. Re: Who is your ISP & what kind of connection are you using ?

    Sounds like I have the same connection type and ISP as you do, lisati. :) I'm perfectly happy with the service - I'm not into streaming, either - and in no hurry to upgrade.
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    Re: Thanks for your time

    All the very best, AI!
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    Re: Is Puppy Linux secure ?

    I used to be an enthusiastic Puppy Linux user some years back. From what I observed at the time, the number of people complaining about security problems was about the same as we'd see on these...
  7. Re: Sync AD domain user folders across machines connected to the same domain

    Thread moved to General Help.
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Need help interpreting chkrootkit and rkhunter output log

    I agree with HermanAB. In over 10 years, I can't recall ever seeing anyone helped by using these tools. On the other hand, I've seen lots of people go through unnecessary anxiety (including myself...
  9. Thread: calendar

    by Irihapeti

    [SOLVED] Re: calendar

    You would be better off exporting the calendar as .ics (ical), as that's a standard calendar format. According to the official Gnome help page...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Netplan syntax problems

    Netplan, or rather yaml, is very fussy about indentation. The "nameservers" line needs to have the same (or possibly more) indentation as the "renderer" line, and the "addresses" line needs to be...
  11. [SOLVED] Re: Changing DHCP to Static IP on Server 18.04

    Place any text of that nature between code tags, or select the text and click on the # icon, and it will preserve the spacing.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Package Download Servers Unsynced

    For more information on the state of repository mirrors, see

    Officially, they should probably all be in sync, but in practice, not all of them are.
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    Re: Windows is not what it's for.

    Ah yes, I remember the punch cards on my very first vacation job. And getting into trouble because I left a piece of paper in the middle of the stack... :oops:

    I wasn't doing anything in the...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Rkhunter error messages on a fresh installation of Linux.

    I think that people run rkhunter in order to boost their security profile, but in the 10 years or more that I've been on these forums, I've never yet seen anyone helped by running rkhunter or...
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    Re: What got you into Ubuntu?

    Back in 2007, when I acquired a computer for the first time in a number of years, my son told me about this wonderful thing called Open Source Software. I can't remember exactly where I heard about...
  16. Re: BIOS time changes after loggin into Ubuntu 18.04.1

    Thread moved to General Help, as this isn't a security issue.

    Your BIOS is probably set to local time, while the Ubuntu default is to assume that the BIOS is set to UTC. This problem usually comes...
  17. Re: I want to grow up! Where do I start learning about comand prompt?

    If you're wanting to learn more than just the basic commands, it's probably a good idea to have a system that you can afford to trash and reinstall. This could be another physical computer, or it...
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    Re: Tug of war - Community vs Mods - to 200 (or -200)

  19. Re: Why in Linux there is no Photoshop and other Creative Cloud programs?

    Moved to Ubuntu, Linux and OS Chat for a better fit.
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    Re: Happy New Years!

    And the same to you!
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    [ubuntu] Re: Transfer home files

    You'd need to remove the hard drive and either install it in a new computer or install it into an external drive case. It's not necessary to boot from the drive in order to get the files off; you...
  22. [ubuntu_mate] Re: Ubuntu 18.04 Archive Manager / File Roller can not open APK files

    Xarchiver will open an APK file. No alteration of the filename extension is needed.
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    Re: Word association

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