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    Poll: [all variants] Re: 8.04 New VIA GPU Drivers Trouble

    I have a gbook too, and it works fine with these drivers. Just use the cn896+vt8237s version, install as normal, but add the following line to your xorg.conf file, in the device sections:

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    [all variants] Re: VIA Chrome9 Beta Driver Released! WOOT!

    This driver worked great before this past week, when I installed the update for the kernel to 2.6.24-17. Yes, I understand that I have to reinstall the driver after kernel updates, and I did that. ...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Hardy + Chrome9 HC new driver on dual screen setup

    When you say latest driver from via, I assume you mean from here? Check out the viax.conf file from the tarball you download. There are all manner of options for the driver listed there, a lot of...
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