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    Re: someone stole my twitter account

    ProTip(s): Always use a highly secure password. Store it only in a secure fashion, which, among other things, in my view means a strictly local, offline manner. And never, ever let anyone see you...
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    Re: 20.04 - Best Ubuntu Ever?

    I was basically forced to migrate away from Linux Mint 19.2 because recent versions of things completely screwed up my wireless connectivity on my MacBook Pro 8,1. I've never been a fan of Gnome 3,...
  3. Re: When listening to music do you prefer audio only or do you like music videos ?

    I only watch music videos to be entertained. I don't see how anyone can have videos going and do meaningful work.

    I don't listen to anything if I'm writing (particularly in a creative mode) or...
  4. Re: When listening to music do you prefer audio only or do you like music videos ?

    Even more impressive is her cover of Zep's Good Times, Bad Times, complete with bass drum triplets. She's one very impressive little lady.
  5. Re: 19.04 installation on Dell Precision 3620

    Hey mastablasta and matfx:


    I'm looking on Amazon at that unit. Yes, I can also find i3 and i5-based systems, and yes they are less expensive. I just wanted to buy a system that I...
  6. Re: 19.04 installation on Dell Precision 3620

    I've actually been looking at the Dell Precision 3620 myself on Amazon. Is $679 (~ 616€) a reasonable price for a quad core i7-6700 system with 16GB of RAM? I really don't want to spend even this...
  7. Re: can someone describe the main user benefits of snaps?

    With everything installed on my system, I don't (as it happens) have any Snap-delivered software. I've played with snap and I have used AppImage-distributed software before, and they're fine but the...
  8. Re: Generic Error Message after booting to desktop...

    After a few days of frustration futzing around with this, I have found not so much a "solution" as a way not to cause the problem to happen in the first place.

    It is my belief that installing the...
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    Re: 100 years back in time

    I think I would start writing short stories so I could get enough cred to be able to write books and have them published. They would all be pitched as fiction, and then I would, I guess, start making...
  10. Re: Generic Error Message after booting to desktop...

    Ok, so I looked in /var/crash and see a file I can't open but which clearly was generated by hplip.

    Y'know, it's a funny thing. The reason I'm running 18.04.3 instead of 19.10 is that I simply...
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    Re: 12 hour times or 24 hour times?

    If I'm talking with my German friends, they won't hesitate to say something like, “Such-and-such is at fifteen,” and I just sort of chuckle a bit internally, but I know what the intent is and get on...
  12. Re: Badgers Discovered Living as Humans in House in East Lansing, MI

    Did the authorities seriously have to pester these badgers?
  13. Re: You can change fashion and clothing with supreme power. What do you change?

    I would stop people from wearing things that were just... fugly... on them. Even if you're not a particularly attractive-looking person, there's things you can wear which don't make you look worse...
  14. Generic Error Message after booting to desktop...

    Hey Folks...

    I set up a fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS (blew away contents previously on the SSD using gparted, let the installer create brand new partitions during the OS installation),...
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