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  1. Re: Lightwight and easy to use distro for relative

    all i was saying is that pinguy is a quite a bit different than most flavors of ubuntu
    it reminds you more of mac os10 or osx
    it uses ubuntu software repositories but it is more Debian based
  2. Re: Lightwight and easy to use distro for relative

    i know you are trying to avoid ubuntu versions but have you checked out pinguyos
    there are 3 versions of it 10.04 11.04 and 12.04 (which i use)
    these are very easy distros to install and configure...
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    Re: Is Arch Linux for you?

    thank you for the info guys
    i will install it when i get the chance to
    between work and moderating other forums i usually don't have a lot of time left
    damn spammers! grrrr.:frown:
  4. Re: What do you recommend if watch my DVD movies on Microsoft Surface tablet?

    best answers yet:lolflag:
  5. Re: Problem installing OS without optical drive or USB boot option.

    if you are connected to a hub or router you can use a regular ethernet cable and do a net install.
    to connect 2 computers directly without a hub or router you would need a crossover cable.
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    Re: a disk error has occurred

    download hirens boot cd and use its burning program to write the cd.
    once you have a boot cd boot it and start minixp
    this will start minixp and give you access to read, diagnose and possibly...
  7. Re: how do you make a fully customized fork of Ubuntu

    whether its ubuntu or another distro you need to download the linux core files and build from.
    them this is how you fork out from a branch. otherwise you are doing a re spin off of another distro....
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    Re: Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix

    i agree getting them away from windows and mac is even better
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    Re: Is Arch Linux for you?

    i installed cinnarch on my test machine successfully and its the first version i have had any luck with as far as installation issues
    its a lovely os and does everything but dvd playback.
    i will...
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    Re: Linux Mint 14 installation issue.

    from your display it is not detecting the drive partition table
    there are a few things that can cause this

    if your drives are sata drives make sure the data and power cables are connected...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Need Help choosing the right laptop for Ubuntu

    i have a dell inspiron 1525 running pinguyos
    although i have extra hard drives with ubuntu, ubuntucnc, and edubuntu, as well as fccu, and secure onion. it runs them all very well:guitar:
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    [ubuntu] Re: Can't upgrade 10.4LTS

    if you have some of the info about the computer you are using and your data has been backed up i could offer more information to you
    what flavor of ubuntu are you using?
    I use pinguyos 12.04
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    [other] fried sunny side up!

    Due to recent power surges in our area I have recently gotten a few cooked pc's in the shop. this has prompted me to post this.
    while im not plugging this particular brand of ups i use apc....
  14. [PPC] Re: Ubuntu 10.10 server install PPC PowerMac G3 (Blue and white)

    also debian will give you a better server in the long run.
    debian uses a text based installer but is very easy to use.
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Trying to make a DVD with 3 Ubuntu ISOs on it

    to boot multi iso files from a dvd you would have to create and install a grub menu with the entires of the isoś you are putting on the dvd
    but with the cost of media being so cheap it may not be...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: WiFi keeps asking me for password even though it is correct

    try his suggestion
  17. [ubuntu] Re: WiFi keeps asking me for password even though it is correct

    your password may be correct is your essid typed in correctly?
    had this problem setting up wireless before and it turned out one of the characters was a capital letter (it gave me fits for a few...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Nettop Buying / Building

    the zotac unit is in the realm of the micro pc
    this is a good choice for a low power consumption device
    and a reasonable price
    though there is very little you could upgrade (hdd,memory,cpu)
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    Re: I am so screwed....

    I use ibm and Hitachi drives both and have had no problems with them at all
    but Ive had more wd drives fail than sg
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    Re: Don't Ubuntu? Why are you here?

    phrea i second the motion I'll prob keep coming here, it's all about the brilliant community here.

    I use ubuntu hardy heron in my trainer to give people a some understanding of linux
    it helps...
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    Re: we are ambassadors

    in my opinion, one of the nicest linux communities there is.

    I agree

    its just that sometimes reminders are needed for people to remember to (play nice)
    it does us no good at all to offend...
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    Re: we are ambassadors

    the reasoning for this post was of inappropriate jokes and comments made on a different linux forum site
    I did report the abuse but one of the abusers was a moderator
    I have always advocated that...
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    we are ambassadors

    please set up a sticky reminding people that as forum users they are unofficial ambassadors and must be careful of what they say even in jokes.
    we are trying to let others see through our eyes and...
  24. [ubuntu] Re: Installing SATA HDD with IDE to SATA adapter

    sorry for the delay in replying I was out of commission for a while
    (Eye surgeries)
    the adapter may have been causing problems
    have you tried the drive in an external usb case?
    sometimes this...
  25. Thread: laptop keys!!

    by viper250

    Re: laptop keys!!

    I agree I do laptop repair and it can be a daunting task to replace a keyboard
    sometimes there are hidden screws.
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