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  1. [ubuntu] NEWB trying to connect to Airport Extreme network drive, need advice :-)

    fairly new to Ubuntu once installed, i got everything else to work but one issue is that i would like to connect to my network drive thats connected to my Airport Extreme.... its visible, but when i...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu Linux 20.04 kernel 5.8.0-34 does not recognize WiFi

    why dont they use "Beta" versions to avoid issues like this, with an "Official update"
  3. Cannot install / run Cannon PIXMA MX490 Printer Driver

    My Cannon PIXMA MX490 driver states "READY" and when print is executed a progress bar shows, but none on the printer, no activity at all..

    Power cycled the printer removed re-added driver numerous...
  4. Dell Latitude D830 Double finger scroll Trackpad / WIFI not working.. Need help

    Have a Dell Latitude D830 with Ubuntu 14.04.4 installed. One issue is that the "Double Finger Scroll" is not working. Checking "System Setting" and "Finger Scroll" is non-selectable..

    Second the...
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