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  1. [ubuntu] Re: How to share USB printer to Windows network?


    On most printers, they can usually be connected to a PC, via USB cable, or to a network -- wired or WiFi -- but NOT both.

    You would have to check the specs with your printer...
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    Re: OneDrive options in Ubuntu 18.04

    I wouldn't hold your breath on Linux support from MS.

    Their "recent Linux push" has been limited to Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) -- which provides a BASH (shell) to run command line stuff. ...
  3. Re: Need help with missing values in GKrellm

    I only know of four configuration files with gkrellm -- and they are all in the .gkrellm2 folder (from what I recall).

    Also, when I manually make config changes, I only see one of the files...
  4. Re: unable to install dual boot win 10 - ubuntu 18lts. install crashes.

    Also understand that Win10 will be Hibernated -- by default! That means the Linux installer is going to have problems seeing it, as it will not be able to mount the volumes properly.

    Unless you...
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    Re: upgrade from 19.04 to 19.10

    I agree with @Autodave -- as I tried an Upgrade just to see what would happen, and while it APPEARED to work, when I rebooted the next day, I got serious errors that prevented booting. I ended up...
  6. Re: "waiting for unattended-upgr to exit"

    I ran into a similar situation with 19.04. It prompted to Upgrade, I said later. I then did some other updates that were waiting and rebooted.

    After I rebooted, it asked again -- so I accepted...
  7. Re: This computer currently has no detected operating systems.

    To elaborate -- Win10 turns on FastBoot by default, which forces the Windows filesystem to remain mounted even when Windows is not running. That prevents Linux from mounting those volumes, so it...
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    Re: Can't access windows files

    Windows 10 enables FastStartup by default -- and this is a new form of hibernation that keeps the Windows volumes mounted even when Windows is not running.

    That prevents Linux from mounting the...
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    Re: Lubuntu for my 12-year old nephew?

    Really depends a LOT on what the school will require in terms of apps, to do the assignments. If, as some do, they require Microsoft Office products, even if they provide a really cheap student...
  10. Re: Migration from Windows 10 to Ubuntu

    You failed to mention the file formats of these "important documents" -- and if they are Office 365 files, then the answer is "most likely NOT" -- as there is no Linux equivalent of Office 365.
  11. Re: How to install Ubuntu running under Windows Server 2019

    Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) is a Microsoft app -- I believe you have to install it from the MS store.
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Windows 8.1 Stuck in loading after installing ubuntu

    You didn't mention HOW you created the partitioned space to install Win8x, but if you used the Linux installer and let it shrink the existing Windows filesystem partition, that is almost certainly...
  13. Re: USB Transfer rate drops hard on large files

    Have run into the same problem transferring files between Linux filesystems -- so this is not just an NTFS problem.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Porting Windows on Linux

    I would caution you about relying on Wine, especially in the case of poor app ratings.

    A silver rating means the app installs and runs -- but says nothing about what features work and don't.
  15. Re: 18.04.2 - Help a Ubuntu/Linux noob get a Radeon HD 7850 working

    As far as I recall, the HDx series do not work with the AMDGPU drivers; instead, you need one of the more recent cards.

    With that GPU, I believe you are limited to the default open-source drivers.
  16. [SOLVED] Re: >

    The Cosmic packages are still here:

    I'm using them on Disco and they work fine.
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    Re: install a dvd on hard disk

    What @TheFu meant was that several different tweaks were needed for each and every Windows app in Wine -- to get each working, if they ever DO work.

    Wine is a HACK that allows SOME Windows apps to...
  18. Re: Unable to boot windows 10 after ubuntu dual boot

    When you did the prep for the dual boot, did you allow the installer to shrink the Windows partitions to create the unallocated space? If so, that was your mistake as that often results in corruption...
  19. Re: Which tablet computers are compatible with Ubuntu?

    Personally, I think getting any Linux distro onto an actual tablet is not going to happen.

    I have been interested in this myself, since I have some older Android tablets that I would like to run a...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Unable to resize unallocated partition space

    I've never seen a Windows partition that full -- so the first thing I would do is try some steps to free up some disk space in that partition.

    Here are the steps: ...
  21. [SOLVED] Re: Issue with copying files to Windows from Ubuntu 18.10

    Windows 10 has something known as Fast Startup -- which is a new form of hybrid sleep/hibernation -- which is enabled BY DEFAULT in Win10.

    And, even though you can manually disable it, it's not...
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    [ubuntu] Re: 3rd Monitor not working.

    I wish you the best of luck with this -- as I have the same problem and even have Linux drivers for video chipset for using with my third monitor and STILL, it does not display.

    The driver vendor...
  23. [SOLVED] Re: Want to install Ubuntu Mate on new SSD, then reinstall Win 10 on HDD

    When you go to reinstall Win10, since you already have an NTFS-formatted partition, it will give you the option to install to that partition.

    It should also give you the option to reformat that...
  24. Re: Which Ubuntu distro is right for this 2-in-1 ?

    Specs about processor, RAM size and SSD size say nothing about availability of drivers for stuff like the touch screen and support for screen rotation.

    Unless you get responses from someone who...
  25. Re: Unable to mount specific NTFS partition in live mode


    You are mentioning "C" and "D" drives -- so I have to presume that you are trying to recover files/folders from a Windows system, right?

    Problem is if this PC was running Win10,...
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