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  1. [gnome] 3.8.3 After update dash(?) Works differently.

    This isn't a call 911 emergency, but it pisses me off and I'm not sure why. I updated to 13.04 from 12.04 and when I bring up activities, and search for an application, the screen is now split, half...
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    SFML 2.0 with codeblocks

    Hello all, I'm new to being a dev using linux. Works amazingly well I might add. But I want to use SFML 2.0 WITH codeblocks, I have the latest nightly build but I have absolutely no clue how to do...
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    Wine, no audio devices anymore.

    I'm not quite sure what caused the change, but I have nothing but the following options in wine under the audio tab.
    hardware acceleration:Full
    default sample rate:44100 , bits per...
  4. Code blocks, environment isn't working properly

    Hey there folks! this is my numero uno post! so hello to all. I'm running Kubuntu 11.04 and am having some trouble with code::blocks. I have a list of problems. 1 and foremost, auto-completion is not...
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