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  1. [all variants] Sound problem when booting with earphone plugged in

    Hi everyone,
    I have weird problem with my Dell Inspiron 1525. When booting up with my earphone plugged in, speakers won't work if I unplug the earphones. Only reboot helps.
    Plugging earphones in...
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    Java applet won't print

    I have created a nice graphical wordlist under
    and would like to print it. However, I can't. The print dialogue won't even show up. I tried different browsers, but...
  3. [kde] Re: KDE + Composite breaks menu fonts in libre office

    There is a better solution as well. In systemsettings, go to "application display - fonts" (or similar, my language is set to German) and play around with font smoothing settings until it works. The...
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    [all variants] random crashes after update (

    After performing an update I get weird random crashes in different DEs (KDE, XFCE). programs crash (both kde and gnome ones, although the latter ones seem to be a bit more "long-lasting"), plasma...
  5. [kde] Re: KDE + Composite breaks menu fonts in libre office

    It actually is a combination of kde compositing enabled and font smoothing enabled in libreoffice... I don't know how to fix this, really, only a workaround:
    either disable font smoothing completly...
  6. [kubuntu] jerky video & random freezes with intel gm965

    Watching video and using any opengl/clutter based program is jerky right now. Every other second or so there are small jerks. Sometimes I geet complete freezes for up to minute, then everything is...
  7. [kubuntu] after hibernating fonts display weird in kde and gnome programs

    When I return to my plasma desktop from hibernating, the font display is broken - kind of stripes... It affects all kde and gnome programs, and all window decorations, but f.e. chrome displays the...
  8. Poll: Re: Share with the community your Maverick Meerkat install/upgrade experience

    Well, I had kubuntu-ppa, kubuntu-backport and kubuntu-experimental activated. The upgrade process went without problems, but after restarting all windows would show up maximized and without borders...
  9. [kubuntu] upgrade to kde 4.5 from ubuntu-backports

    I would like to try to upgrade to kde 4.5 from the backport repositories, but I would like to know two things first:

    1) how can I revert to 4.4 if things fail (there have been some errors...
  10. [all variants] temporary workaround for cpu overheat problem

    Just to let everyone know that I found a (temporary) solution for my laptop cpu overheat problem:
    - instal cpulimit from the repositories.
    - find out the pid of the process that takes too much cpu...
  11. [kubuntu] Re: KDE 4.3: is akonadi ready for use in kontact?

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    Re: HOW TO: Install and configure lm-sensors

    the output of sensors is:
    Adapter: Virtual device
    temp1: +48.0C (crit = +91.0C)

    Adapter: ISA adapter
    Core 0: +48.0C (high = +85.0C, crit =...
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    Re: How many of you completely switched to Linux?

    I have been Windows-free for about 2 1/2 years now and am VERY happy with Ubuntu (besides temporary frustrations in some cases). I work in a pretty big organisation(~6.000 members worldwide), and...
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    [kubuntu] how to use akonadi?

    does anybody know how to setup and use akonadi? Is it ready yet for daily use? In 9.04 it seemed to be very slow compared to "classical" vcf/ics approach... I use kontact, by the way...
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    [kubuntu] and Nepomuk/strigi again... ;-)

    Has anybody been able to get Nepomuk/strigi run under 9.10? Right now it complains that strigi can't start because of an installation problem, but I'd really like to get it to work (I actually like...
  16. [kde] Re: Could not create a python scriptengine for Mixeroid widget

    it depends on which plasmoid you want to use. for mixeroid you would also need python-plasmaaudio (in addition to plasma-scriptengine-python and python-dev).
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    Re: Need help with wireless on Ubuntu 9.1

    I had the same problem with 9.10 (64). Installing wicd instead of networkmanager solved the problem for me.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Why is python using 49% of my CPU?

    mmh - i had the same problem with hp-systray (and it won't show its systemtray-icon), but I have the same problem with update-notifier and elisa, both of wich use python. So to me, it more looks like...
  19. [kubuntu] KDE 4.3: is akonadi ready for use in kontact?

    Does it make sense to use akonadi resources in kontact or should one wait, and how long? Are there advantages, disadvantages, risks etc. in switching to use akonadi?
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    Re: Ubuntu or Kubuntu

    Just clarifying a little bit:
    kdm and gdm are display managers (programs that manage how your graphical system is started and stuff - xdm is another one). You can use either one depending on what...
  21. [kubuntu] Re: KDE Daemon requests wallet password because of kaddressbook

    You might have set your network address file as standard in kaddressbook. Then it is marked in the KDE settings and might get checked for its availability when logging in...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Confusion trying to mount USB Stick

    very nice to see that just recently someone else had the very same problem I'm experiencing right now... My stick's not recognised either. Funny thing, it used to be, and 2 other sticks are...
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    [all variants] track login processes?

    Is there a way to track which processes are run and which files/folders are read during a login process? My login time is pretty long (whether I boot into kde or gnome or xfce) and I would like to...
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    [kubuntu] Re: maximize boot splash for Jaunty?

    Thanks for the tip. That does not enlarge the splash logo, though, it only makes the text smaller (and gives some other useful options...) It seems as there isn't any bigger logo in the .so file......
  25. [all variants] Re: printing to network printer (oki c3450) problem

    Did you try to connect to it directly? I will try that on Thursday. Might help clarify whether it is a driver problem or a network thing...
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