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    [ubuntu] Encryption from console only kvm install

    So I would say that the console only install for ubuntu is awesome using the serial port, except for one issue.

    When I do a console only install if I put encryption on the hard drive I have to...
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    [ubuntu] Paravirtualization how to?

    I am trying to do a Paravirtualization install of ubuntu on a xen centos server and I don't understand the media url for the install tree

    how would I setup a install tree for ubuntu that xen could...
  3. [ubuntu] ubuntu 10.04 hylafax font issue - extfmt: No font metric information found for "Couri

    Hi I am having an issue with the hylafax package

    I keep getting this error which I normaly can fix with editing the font path in /etc/hylafax/hyla.conf in older version of ubuntu like 8.04 but...
  4. [gnome] Removing Right-click on desktop change Background

    I would like to restrict or remove the option for a user to right click on the Desktop and change settings

    is there anyway to do this in 8.10 using gnome?

    thank you
  5. How would I go about creating a boot splash screen?

    what I want to do is have a image I've created display when my computer boots.
    like the Ubuntu loader just something simple that says:

    Nemus' Ubuntu Box of doom.

    I've tried following this...
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