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  1. [other] Re: Computer forgets to 'remount Root' when resuming from suspend?

    Right, this one finally irritated me enough to do some proper digging and think I've found the problem...

    Going through the syslog folder I noticed anacron running - no problem there apart from...
  2. [other] Re: Computer forgets to 'remount Root' when resuming from suspend?

    Did you ever have any success with this? I'm seeing something which may be related.

    First up the config - the root volume is an SD card but everything else is disks (/var is also on an HDD rather...
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    [SOLVED] Re: No sound on NVidia HDMI

    Thanks for the info BicyclerBoy - solves the problem with HDMI audio for the Nvidia card I've got!
  4. [all variants] Strange permissions behaviour with samba/cifs mount


    I'm hoping someone can help me out with this one as it's confusing me somewhat...

    I have a main media PC (running 9.10) which has the music library on it and my laptop (running 10.04) which...
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    [ubuntu] Re: linux AVI to Iphone video converter?

    Well I don't know about Arminius, but I've just put 0.93 on to my laptop (still running 8.10 so no PPAs for 0.94 yet) and it works a treat :).

    Count mine as another vote for Handbrake!
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    [SOLVED] Re: Synaptic not scanning new repositories?

    Thanks for the reply.

    According to the awn-testing wiki, they use a completely different set of package numbers to the standard Ubuntu ones so it should have shown up even if it was the same...
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    [SOLVED] Synaptic not scanning new repositories?


    I'm running Intrepid and trying to add the AWN PPAs to Synaptic. I've added both the binary and source PPAs together with the authentication key, and while those have changed the number of...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: intrepid~Where do I get notification area applet for AWN docks?

    Which version of Ubuntu was that on? I'm running Intrepid, have all of the awn applet packages installed (c-core, c-extra, python-core and python extras) but still can't see that (or a bunch of...
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    [ubuntu] Re: ubuntu 9.10 doesn't recognize my cdrom drive

    Same issue here - drive doesn't show through any hardware checks (fdisk, lshw, etc). Same errors with the modprobe too.

    This is on a system that had a clean Karmic install this morning with no...
  10. [SOLVED] Re: CDROM won't recognize cds/dvds on ubuntu 9.10

    Similar one here - 9.10 doesn't recognise the DVD drive at all:

    mark@E8200:~/Downloads$ sudo mount /media/cdrom
    mount: special device /dev/scd0 does not exist

    Trawling through lshw, lsmod etc...
  11. Thread: vcn viewer

    by brundles

    [ubuntu] Re: vcn viewer

    Another one for disabling desktop affects here - had similar behaviour to the above only re-connecting still didn't show anything.

    Changing the remote desktop server software might work but I'd...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Problems with pidgin

    Actually, that's a point - I'm using the WLM plugin rather than the straight MSN Plugin after MS made some changes that broke the original one. Could be specific to that - worth a play around with.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Problems with pidgin

    Which version of Ubuntu are you using?

    I'm using 8.10 and think there is a problem with the build they've used of the MSN plugin for Pidgin. I can use Yahoo and GMail all day long without any...
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    [ubuntu] Re: [SOLVED] LCD backlight brightness (8.04)

    Thanks for that - it works a charm.

    I've been arguing with my laptop (Novatech X70 - also based on a Clevo) for a couple of days now and it was starting to annoy me!
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Ibex - Firefox not showing history or bookmarks

    OK, so it looks like VMWare2 kils Firefox on Ubuntu - that's exactly the same problem I've had and although I was suspicious of the VMWare install as the trigger, didn't have enough to confirm it. At...
  16. [ubuntu] Cleanly enabling Compiz without the "Desktop Effects" menu?

    I'm hoping somebody can help with this one as it's beginning to bug me :(

    As a bit of background, the PCs main use is as a media centre currently running the Linux port of XBMC. Unfortunately XBMC...
  17. [ubuntu] Re: HDMI HdA Intel ICH9 familly - Silicon Image SiI1392 HDMI NO SOUND!

    This post helped me get the audio over HDMI working for the ICH9 chipset - only problem is the left only bit which may be an unresolved ALSA bug.
  18. [ubuntu] Re: 02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Attansic Technology Corp. Unknown device 1026 (rev b

    Yes to the headers and yes to build-essential.

    Looking at the output, you're using a different driver though. Where is that one from?
  19. [ubuntu] Re: 02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Attansic Technology Corp. Unknown device 1026 (rev b

    Which version of the drivers are you building and on which release?

    I've been trying to build the Atheros drivers for the Attansic L1 (l1-linux-v1.2.40.2) and while the KBUILD_NOPEDANTIC option...
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    Re: How do I loop over a list of files in ksh

    Well that's made things much simpler :D

    Thanks very much =D> =D> =D> =D>
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    Re: How do I loop over a list of files in ksh

    Thanks for that suggestion Nereid - it's a simpler approach than I had been using.

    Unfortunately it doesn't help with the problem that because ksh uses a space for it's list delimiter, I can't for...
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    How do I loop over a list of files in ksh

    Getting a bit frustrated with this one now ](*,) It's not really Ubuntu specific but given the wealth of knowledge on these forums I though I'd try my luck :mrgreen:

    I'm trying to write a ksh...
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