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    [ubuntu] Re: Unity Desktop without compiz? Possible?

    I use LXDE at the time. it is super fast on my computer and yes, very stable!
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    [ubuntu] Re: Unity Desktop without compiz? Possible?

    Sorry I forgot to mention that unity 2d also works bad. I sacrificed for my desktop's appearance and go for unity 2d that runs metacity but it also works slowly. Not as fast as LXDE, or even Gnome...
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    [ubuntu] Unity Desktop without compiz? Possible?

    Fine. I have an old laptop about 7 years old and it sucks with Windows XP. So, I decided to give Ubuntu 12.04 a try. Hey. It's fast, I mean with Gnome classic. I can tell that my machine does not...
  4. Thread: data card

    by AngJinhang

    [ubuntu] Re: data card

    Well, it does not show the right size of your disk because the disk is broken! If you format it, you will lose all the data. So... I have a way, but it is not guaranteed to work. I have not tested it...
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    [ubuntu] Can't completely remove LXDE and SLiM

    Hi, I'm (not very) new to Ubuntu, and I am using the 12.04.2 version (Precise Pangoline). It worked well and even better than Windows. But I am quite fed up with the Unity desktop's speed, I switched...
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    [ubuntu] Re: discontinuous motion in video

    Flash players do really put up a lot of CPU and ram. And that's why I hate flash videos. Your problem about CPU high usages is maybe caused by the high swappiness. When your ubuntu run out of ram,...
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    [all variants] Re: Best Desktop Environment for Slow Laptop

    256mb ram - lxde, xfce
    512mb ram - gnome shell, unity 2d
    1 gb ram - unity 3d
    Although unity 3d can run on 512 mb ram, it is really slow like the amoeba.
    I have 512 bm ram and I can run 4 apps at...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu erased my Windows XP. Possible to recover?

    i'm also afraid that you really erased the windows.
    what version of ubuntu you are installing?
    you should just choose 'run alongside windows'during the installation. no tweaks are needed for...
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    [ubuntu] Re: multiple OS on same computer

    do you have a separated partition for your ubuntu? if yes,that's good.
    just download the edubuntu's iso and make a bootable usb drive,and install it. you may see this dialog during the install......
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Make my ubuntu 12.10 faster with a good desktop environment

    i have a 7-year-old laptop, intel celeron m processor 520 (1.6ghz) single core (really slow), 512 mb of ram, but i only see 498 mb in system monitor, 512 mb swap space, and i only know these. i love...
  11. [ubuntu] Make my ubuntu 12.10 faster with a good desktop environment

    hi guys, i had a quantal quetzal (ubuntu 12.10) on my cranky pc. it was pretty i thinked of making it faster, and as fast as it can. on startup, it took me one minute above, and it was...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: toshiba satellite w/ atheros running 12.04--no wifi you have wifi on your windows? if you have it, boot back into windows to find your wireless card type. then record it down. boot back into ubuntu, and use a ethernet connection to visit...
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    [lubuntu] Re: Cannot run certain applications

    ok...i have not used everpad before...but there is something that you can try.
    firstly, based on your printscreen, i found something really weird - your everpad is opening and running(i see the...
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