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  1. [ubuntu] Re: post-GNOME 3.8 minimizing problem in Unity

    The Unity reset hasn't worked, unfortunately. Nor has using ppa-purge to go back to the ordinary repo packages.

    Here's how .xsession-errors looks:

    Thanks for your help.
  2. [ubuntu] post-GNOME 3.8 minimizing problem in Unity

    I installed GNOME 3.8 from the PPA on my relatively fresh Raring install, and now whenever I minimize a program in Unity it crashes the computer - everything locks up except the mouse and I have to...
  3. Re: failed upgrade, now cannot boot from usb

    Apologies - I've solved this. The downloaded iso was corrupt.

    Thank you!
  4. Re: failed upgrade, now cannot boot from usb

    Thanks for your help. I've downloaded the .iso but since my netbook has no USB drive, I cannot use a DVD to install.

    All I need to do is get the thing to boot from USB - I don't mind about losing...
  5. failed upgrade, now cannot boot from usb

    When attempting to update to 13.04 earlier from 12.10, there was an 'error in process' warning because the boot directory was full and the only way I could get out to free up space was to stop the...
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    Re: removing self-built packages

    Thanks for your help. The developer actually just replied, there's only one file outside the main directory that needs removing.

    In the future, I'll use checkinstall.

    Problem solved.
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    Re: removing self-built packages

    Thanks, but unfortunately the developer did not include an uninstall script. I've emailed him to no avail. In the meantime, I get this

    In the future I will definitely be using checkinstall. Right...
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    removing self-built packages

    I've read elsewhere that to uninstall a package you built using './configure && make' etc. you have to read the Makefile to determine where on the system files may have been placed. Only, I can't ...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: remove additional lubuntu-desktop packages

    it also apparently removed a load of unlisted applications, some of which i had installed, some of which are standard in ubuntu?

    e.g. transmission (standard for me); gtg (i installed it)

  10. [ubuntu] Re: remove additional lubuntu-desktop packages

    Thank you very much - if the space to be freed is larger than what was taken up with the install, should I go through the list and remove items that look like ones I already use? For example, will...
  11. [ubuntu] remove additional lubuntu-desktop packages

    I installed lubuntu-desktop from my unity desktop (12.10), but I'd like to undo it. When it installed, it was over 300mb. I can only remove a few kilobytes via sudo apt-get remove and autoremove. How...
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    [SOLVED] Keyboard layout issue

    I do academic work that involves typing various languages in full transliteration, which means I need particular sets of diacritics to be accessible from my regular English-language keyboard layout....
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    [ubuntu] purge gnome classic


    I installed gnome-shell in 12.10 to see if I liked it better than unity, and I didn't, so I purged it. This didn't deal with 'gnome classic' and 'gnome classic (no effects)', however, which...
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