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    [kubuntu] Re: Removing KDE secrets on wifi reconnect

    Ok, I've turned off KDE wallet. KNetworkManager still uses that stupid pop-up when it loses WiFi signal.

    So I'm changing my question: I'm looking for network manager that will:
    1) detect WiFi...
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    [kubuntu] Removing KDE secrets on wifi reconnect

    I installed Kubuntu on my PC I want to use remotely, without having keyboard, mouse nor monitor connected to it. So I want it to reconnect automatically if it loses the connection.

    I upgraded to...
  3. [kubuntu] Re: Can't configure wireless the way I want

    I'm in right section, right? Last time I asked about configuring AP I met dead silence for a week... Why? Is it impossible to make AP of Linux? Or I'm asking something wrong?
  4. [kubuntu] Can't configure wireless the way I want

    Well, I wasn't sure how to name this topic. I have WL-5480USB-50 thingy connected to my PC and it has eth2 interface(I have another wireless card in, and 2 wired ones).

    First thing I want to do is...
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    [kubuntu] Re: Konqueror VS dolphin - awful problem :(

    Thanks a lot :) Actually following things in that tutorial didn't work, the settings in kcontrol run as root were different than when run as normal user. I didn't want to completely delete Dolphin...
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    [kubuntu] Konqueror VS dolphin - awful problem :(

    I had a folder on my desktop. When I clicked on it it opened with Dolphin, which I find pretty bad. I wanted to get it with Konqueror so I right-clicked on the folder, choose "Open With -> Konqueror"...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Can I use PCI54G3 with linux as an AP?

    So, uh, is even having software access point possible on linux? Simple yes or no? Or at least "stop reviving this thread you retard, you totally fail at linux" or something? T_T
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Can I use PCI54G3 with linux as an AP?


    So, err, is there a tutorial how to setup software AP on (K)Ubuntu somewhere? In worst case scenario it won't work, duh.
  9. [ubuntu] Can I use PCI54G3 with linux as an AP?

    Okay, so this card can be used as an software Access Point on Windows. Can I somehow configure it to work as an Access Point on Ubuntu?

    (If yes, can you point me somewhere that would help me...
  10. [kubuntu] Is it samba? How do I configure samba on ubuntu to work well?

    I'm trying to get samba working with my home network, but for now I'm failing... And completely clueless.

    You see, I've managed to get it working totally strange way - the windows can't access...
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    [all variants] Apache VS xsp2

    I've installed apache and xsp2 on my ubuntu hardy and it works fine, but I would like to be able to get to my asp application without having to use:

    but for example
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    [kubuntu] How do I connect my TV propetly?

    I've just installed Kubuntu Hardy and it works quite well, I've installed everything I want, except one thing. I want to connect a TV to my PC, I have Nvidia Geforce MX 5500 card and Panasonic...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Can't route stuff @_@

    I am pretty lazy (after sitting on that for whole day) so I went with firestarter and it worked wonders with just few clicks. Now I put my system in init 3 and let it go with update as it has like...
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    [ubuntu] Can't route stuff @_@

    I tried installing linux again and I have setup like this:

    Linux, web interfaces:
    eth1: connects to world trough LAN, gets IP trough DHCP.
    eth0: connects to laptop trough 2nd LAN card

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    How do I debug GUI apps in kdevelop?

    I installed kdevelop manually from .deb packages I downloaded from places pointed by synaptic(I don't have access to net from linux so I had to do it like that). When I try to run debug of any qt...
  16. Re: HOWTO: CJK in Wine (Chinese, Japanese & Korean)

    Well, I'll try playing around with that, now that I know what might be breaking it I'm determined to find a solution... In free time.
  17. Re: HOWTO: CJK in Wine (Chinese, Japanese & Korean)

    Actually I changed my default system language to polish and now wine got completely messed up. Some apps that did work before are broken now, while Japanese locale works wonderfully... I didn't...
  18. Re: Shell script for mass-archiving files. How?

    bashologist: Thank you for detailed information and code. It looked scary at first, but I guess I just have to get used to syntax and thinking in it. But that comes after I get used to OCL and...
  19. Re: HOWTO: CJK in Wine (Chinese, Japanese & Korean)

    Ah, lol. I'm pretty amazed at myself right now.

    The download page:
  20. Re: Shell script for mass-archiving files. How?

    Thanks a bunch FuturePast, this works wonders. Well, I feel quite ashamed now, seeing how simple it was.

    yabbadabbadont: I'm reading about rsync out of curiosity now, when I have some time as a...
  21. Re: HOWTO: CJK in Wine (Chinese, Japanese & Korean)

    Sure, here is the link for the download of app called metasequoia. It's 5mb big so it shouldn't be much of bandwitch problem. It has an option to run in either english or japanese, and japanese comes...
  22. Shell script for mass-archiving files. How?


    I'm trying to make simple shell script to archive a lot of folders(and their contents) contained in one directory to different archives. It can be in .zip, .rar or .7z after archiving, but...
  23. Re: HOWTO: CJK in Wine (Chinese, Japanese & Korean)

    Well, those 3 lines did help(I followed your tutorial step by step, only thing changed was not installing the one font mentioned before). My ubuntu mirrors seem to be quite good as everything was...
  24. Re: HOWTO: CJK in Wine (Chinese, Japanese & Korean)

    I just tried doing that but apt-get couldn't find ttf-saxanami-mincho package... I went on anyway and now while running 'wineloc -l ja_JP application' I don't get japanese fonts anyway, I probably...
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