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  1. Re: graphic card recommendations appreciated (old hardware)

    yes, they are, because they outsourced production and same chip manufacturer has to supply to multiple chip designers/brands. and they can raise prices just to get them produced ahead of queue.
  2. Re: How do I copy the download from Windows 10 to Ubuntu Root?

    why would you install something in root?

    anyway you use sudo command to elevate you privilege to admin. more here:
  3. Re: graphic card recommendations appreciated (old hardware)

    the GT640 will extend the life for quite a few more years. i recently upgraded form Single core AMD (that has passmark about 450) and 4GB ddr2 ram. i could still play many old games with GT730 (which...
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    Re: ultra thin laptops

    well yes, they already have bending screens and rolling screens. so it would make sense to have some sort of roll out laptop.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Steam client crashes need HELP!

    logs will tell you why it crashed.

    also how did you install it? what was the procedure? from repositories or .deb file or any other way? we have it on 4 different PC and none had this issue.
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Front ends for seniors that have no experience using a computer


    large screen, large(er) icons & text, make it crisp.

    if they want to learn, they will learn. might need help with maintenance. i taught my grandfather (he passed away some time ago). his...
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    Re: Nvidia / GPU Video Acceleration

    meh, i just play older games. not so much time at hands anyway. i went to replay some older ones i likes, thinking i will cruise through faster, but it stalled in most of them. i went Arx Fatalis on...
  8. [lubuntu] Re: How to remove Mozilla Firefox browser ?

    without add blocked youtube is terrible experience. and then they offer Try YT premium and see YT free of ads.

    well as i remember YT used to be free of any adds before google bought it. then...
  9. Re: Steam and Proton Compatibility w/ 32 Bit

    we still don't know your system specs. must be Pentium. vulkan works on latest GPU chips. well relatively new ones.

    Morrowind works natively in OpenMW.

    Civilization 4 works in wine, but you...
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    Re: Nvidia / GPU Video Acceleration

    let's hope so.

    i n the mean time my card doesn't support vulkan, because they sneaked old chip into new card and sold it as new model.
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    [lubuntu] Re: And I hit CTRL ALT DEL...

    they are not ghosts but daemons.

    always there always watching, massing arround with computers...
    :evil: :-D

    seriously, more about daemons here:...
  12. Re: How to change to older Nvidia drivers

    open additional drivers and install the version you want.
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    Re: Am I stupid or something?

    there is an option to download and install updates during OS install (actually it will do it just after base install). i usually do the install first then first thing i do is manually update, reboot...
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    Re: Nvidia / GPU Video Acceleration

    would it work with geforce now?
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    [ubuntu] Re: ransomeware attack

    UrBackup is another option for pull.

    Areca is push service (so theclient pushes the data).

    turn off internet access or use tools to harden and block access to unwanted parties.
  16. Re: USB 3.0 PCIE expansion card not recognized on Ubuntu (DL380 G8

    what linux distro are you using? Ubuntu Server? or are you using a desktop OS? also which version 20.04?



    will show all PCI connected devices and cards.

  17. Re: wifi no wake up before suspend rtw8327de ubuntu 20.04

    is driver in kernel? or did you patch the kernel?
  18. [kubuntu] Re: Kubuntu 20.04 freezing on MSI GS66 Stealth

    what GPU do you have? Intel?

    GPU HANG: ecode 9:1:85dffffa, in Xorg [994]

    are you maybe experiencing overheating? what happens if you stress test the GPU (you can use phoronix test suite for...
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    Re: Nvidia / GPU Video Acceleration

    what if you used Chrome browser? i mean Google supposedly should support this feature. it porbably does support it on ChromeOS and Android.

    have you seen this one:...
  20. [SOLVED] Re: Unable to use AMD hardware-accelerated graphics on Kubuntu 20.04.2

    kernel bug then it seems.
    here is what you did:

    on the other hand it could be that your system does doe snot have supported ASICs. ASIC:...
  21. [SOLVED] Re: Unable to use AMD hardware-accelerated graphics on Kubuntu 20.04.2

    i assume you have amdgpu and that you didn't patch kernel with AMDGPU-pro or anything like that?

    you could try kernel parameter:

    it should affect you as you don't have an APU, but...
  22. Re: Laggy performance. Steam, Counterstrike Global offensive

    install nvidia drivers and make sure you run the game with the prime command so it uses nvidia GPU instead of intels GPU.

    ever since the February updates this year, game takes a lot longer to...
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    Re: Should NVIDIA be avoided?

    in Asia Asus and Dell come linux preloaded. You could get HP or Lenovo with no OS, then load linux after wards..

    here are a couple of lists. Some ship worldwide.

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    Re: ultra thin laptops

    it's like cars. no one is working to resolve the obviously good features. or they charge them extra for no reason, while having other unnecessary stuff included in price. so the sales guy goes you...
  25. [ubuntu] Re: Graphics won't start on boot with ndivia-driver-460 and -465

    have you tried uninstalling the driver and then reinstalling it using same method?

    it happened to my kid once. kernel was somehow patched, but the drivers didn't patch. so removing them (purge),...
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