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    Re: trying to install i386 library

    You can get these by installing wine.

    sudo apt-get install wine
    ./ # For Newbler
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    [ubuntu] Re: vmd problems

    For me this is a conflict with the desktop effects.

    Try disabling them by going to Appearance --> Visual Effects tab and setting it to 'none', then start VMD.

    It's too bad because some of the...
  3. Re: HOWTO: Get a useful text-based desktop (embedded terminal plus conky)

    wmctrl works fine for me (gnome using OpenBox as window manager) as long as I run the xfce4-terminal -x [script] command after startup. During startup, I get the transparent window, but it never...
  4. Poll: Re: How To: The (almost) Perfect Pulse Audio Setup

    Ahh I see. I thought it was fixed, but actually I'm still getting random crashes. Wouldn't surprise me in the least if flash/firefox were still a bit buggy. Regardless, the steps described in the...
  5. Poll: Re: How To: The (almost) Perfect Pulse Audio Setup

    Well I can definitely use multiple applications with sound output after following this guide, but now whenever I try to play something in Firefox using Flash, the browser crashes. Does anyone else...
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    Re: Scibuntu

    Actually I think this managed to break Beryl pretty severely as well. I had to use a failsafe terminal to remove beryl-manager because anything else I tried led to an X crash.

    ::EDIT:: right,...
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    Re: Scibuntu

    Hehe my level of knowledge on these programs is less than complete.
    I ran the script and it installed a few things, but I've got some problems. Several of the programs just crash whenever I try to...
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    I saw this script posted over on Digg today:

    It's sort of an "automatix" for science-related programs. I came here to do a quick search and learn more about it,...
  9. Re: HOWTO: Install GNU Emacs with antialiasing

    Well after updating to Edgy, I was now able to install libgtk2.0-dev, and then followed the steps in the above post. Works great!
  10. Re: HOWTO: Install GNU Emacs with antialiasing

    After a bit of poking at this and some Googling, I found that many people recommend installing libgtk2.0-dev

    Unfortunately this fails with unmet dependencies.
    A bit more work, and I tracked it...
  11. Re: HOWTO: Install GNU Emacs with antialiasing

    I had this installed previously, using the deb packages. I migrated to beryl, so removed the compiz packages, and now it's pretty well broken.

    The deb packages indeed depend on compiz, which in...
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    Re: Turbo Tax

    I use the online version as well. Nothing to install, cheaper than buying the boxed package (as long as you don't need "Premium" service), and you know you are getting the latest in tax help.
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