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    Re: Very cheap Chinese PC $100-200

    Bah humbug. Cheap low quality crap won't help the poor countries very much. First off, if it is cheap it will be sold mostly in the west, a la Wal Mart. If it survives the van ride home it will...
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    Re: HOWTO: Reverse VNC

    Sweet. Thanks for the writeup. Hopefully this can help folks setup support with work or for grandma. This has saved me from a few long drives. After the initial setup on the remotes you now have...
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    Re: Linux crashes in flight!


    Wow, someone found a crashed Linux system. or not. or did. big deal. I think I've had my box crash, I just can't remember when but I'm sure it must have happened once. The next...
  4. Re: Quadruple booting: XP, Vista, Ubuntu (32bit), Ubuntu (64bit)

    Hey you installed them, you must need them. :confused: :p

    If you're like me you'll stick with one most of the time.

    Another trick for you, try Vmware and install more OS's *inside* of another...
  5. Re: What's with this?!? No screw holes on new case!

    agreed, there likely is a design feature that eliminates the old screw style. Lots of cases have that.

    If it doesn't then perhaps the 8 year old child slave that built it forgot to drill the...
  6. Re: What's with this?!? No screw holes on new case!

    Wouldn't a smancy case like that use a plate or something instead of screws? Old Compaqs and others had a plate or something that locked it down once you closed it. even better than screws if it is...
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    Re: Goodbye Linux

    whatz an xbox? :-#

    my 8 year old can do the Ubuntu dance without any complaints. But she's not a haxor chic. Just easily gets the job done.

    but let's not troll him back for the big rebuttal....
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    Re: Goodbye Linux

    Hey I'm brand new here too. But instead I'll say hello and not goodbye.:p
    crossover cables, emulators, yada oy. Linux likes for you to have a networking/communications clue that's true. But when...
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