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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Dell Inspiron upgrade to Ocelot Fan Noise

    There is an outstanding bug with the kernel since 2.6.38. the details and a possible workaround you can try can be found here:
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    [ubuntu] Re: dell with no os in uk

    Good luck with that. I've bought two netbooks from Dell with Ubuntu pre-installed a while ago but they stopped selling them with Ubuntu a while back (at least in the UK). I tried to ask a sales rep...
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    Re: UNITY = farewell ubuntu for professionals

    I personally believe that Canonical is only right at the beginning of what they want to achieve with the UI. As to their target audience? I'm unsure but I would have to somewhat agree with the OP.
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    [ubuntu] Re: My purchased music won't download

    I've just purchased my first ever digital album, and what's more, I did it using Ubuntu One!

    I did encounter a minor issue with not being able to transfer some tracks to Ubuntu One storage but...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: User www-data runs ./stealth on external IP port 53

    I found the same process running on my machine today. I thought I was careful but it was actually uploaded using a zencart exploit. I had stupidly left and forgotten about a copy of zen (unpatched)...
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    Re: Software you MOST wish was open source

    Teamspeak, Linux really needs a proper native client. Not the crap they claim is the Linux version.
  7. Re: Howto: Install latest version of Midori [Browser]

    Nice howto, especially including how to add the keys. :)

    Been watching Midori pretty closely and deserves a lot more recognition than it gets. Getting a bit fedup with the performance of Firefox...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Black or transparent areas and 'smearing' windows. Jaunty

    I have a very similar problem but my graphics card is an nvidia. I've been searching for solutions to the problem and trying different things myself and found nothing thus far.

    I've tried to take...
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    Re: Lord Of The Rings Online (LOTRO)?

    I found this happens because the LOTRO installer installs MSVC runtime (just after trying to install .NET) which seems to screw everything up. Not sure, but maybe this is why the download version is...
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