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  1. [ubuntu] Re: error 4 browser cannot play video

    There are proprietary audio and video drivers that cannot be part of the default Ubuntu installation. Using some of these drivers may be illegal in some countries. When we install Ubuntu we get the...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Dependecies problem installing Grub update on 20.04.2

    More than one person on this forum has posted about this particular problem. Someone, even posted a bug about it on Launchpad. This was about a month ago. It seems that the problem was fixed in a few...
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    Re: Sudden Booting problems

    That recovery menu is very useful. If the desktop is not working well we can use recovery mode (Network - Root shell) to update/upgrade and run other commands that might fix things. I have made use...
  4. Re: Monitors do not power down when screen blanks

    I contend that there is a big difference between an OS blanking the monitor screen and setting the monitor in standby/power save mode. I am not even sure if it is technically possible for an OS to...
  5. Re: What are Canonical's policies regarding Ubuntu logo "fan art" avatars?

    I do not speak for the copyright owner of the Ubuntu logo nor can I speak for the forum moderators. I will give my thoughts as a Ubuntu user. Things to consider:

    1) Do you intend to make money out...
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    Re: Sudden Booting problems

    First, the so-called clean files message is not an error. It is the result of a system file check of the partition that you are loading Linux from. What did you do to try to fix it? Apart for the...
  7. [lubuntu] Re: Need to download Lubuntu 20.4.1 ISO

    If we are wondering why an ISO image of Ubuntu/Lubuntu/other flavours is no longer available then the answer is the BootHole vulnerability in the Grub boot loader.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Applications won't run

    From my own recent experience I would say that there are some messed up configuration files. Both system and user configuration files. On my machine an install of Ubuntu 20.04 blinked out of...
  9. Re: Monitors do not power down when screen blanks

    I feel like getting some things straight from the beginning but I think that I might transgress the Code of Conduct. So, I will limit myself to saying that I consider myself a Ubuntu type user and...
  10. Re: What are Canonical's policies regarding Ubuntu logo "fan art" avatars?

    And there is this

    The only connection I have with Canonical is that I use Ubuntu; contribute to this forum and have signed the code of...
  11. Re: after using Live USB , i have grub rescue error

    The command

    insmod normal

    is supposed to take grub out of rescue mode and into normal mode.

    If the file is...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Ethernet connected but Internet not working [Ubuntu 20.04.2]

    You say

    Does that mean that Ubuntu is connected to the route/hub? You also say

    Does that mean the router is not connecting to an Internet Service Provider (ISP)? The router should have...
  13. Re: Latest "Ubuntu Base" package push won't install

    It seems to me that the messages are nonsense. They say that to install a package it needs to have a dependency installed that is equal to ( = ) in one case. And greater than or equal to ( >= ) in...
  14. Re: Just installed server. Restart and I have a GUI?

    Start from the beginning and install all over again. We do not know which tutorial you followed.

    In Linux there is such a thing as "dependencies." These are libraries that an application depends...
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    [ubuntu] Re: what is in timing ?

    I understand that both Ubuntu 21.04 and 21.10 default to using a Wayland compositor in preferrence to the X-server. Any seeming delay in rendering of the screen after login could be down to...
  16. Re: how to mount 2 partitions to 1 directory

    How are you mounting these partitions?

    I have several partitions on two hard drives. When I use the file manager to access any partition it gets mounted in the /media/username/ directory. I have...
  17. [ubuntu] Re: How to read "ubuntu" file? anf other boot qustions

    I would say that there are conditions that must be met before the word "safely" applies. A "Yes" or "No" answer would put a person in the situation of "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing."

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    Re: Help with fstab

    I am assuming that sda1 has the label "Media_Drive2" and sdb1 has the label "Media_Drive. We find the file called fstab at /etc/

    Here is the Wiki page that explains the various changes that we...
  19. [ubuntu] Re: I upgraded from 20.10 to 21.04 and now I have an error...

    The first statement about needing to use "sudo" when running commands as administrator is standard advice that appears the very first time we open a terminal. It will not appear the next time the...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: GPU not being identified while opening DaVinci Resolve

    We do not consider it nice behaviour for someone to make more than one request for help with the same problem. The time difference between your two threads is nine hours. So, which one is the correct...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu Live Media

    The Ubuntu live session will allow us to change system settings and install applications but once we shutdown the live session all the changes are lost. A Ubuntu live session with persistence will...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: How to Uninstall application which are not directly installed from UBUNTU SOFTWAR

    Now, there is a thought. What if it is a snap packaged version of Opera?

    That page has an Install button. I wonder if it gives a Remove button if Opera snap is...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: How to Uninstall application which are not directly installed from UBUNTU SOFTWAR

    It should still be possible to find the Opera application in Ubuntu Software and click the Remove/Uninstall button. If not try

    sudo apt remove package_name

    To remove configuration files as...
  24. [ubuntu] Re: Separating OS and user "stuff"

    How about searching the internet for "Linux file structure explained?" We get this
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    [SOLVED] Re: Command line text

    If you are using Ubuntu with the Gnome shell and Gnome terminal - open the terminal and click the icon of the three horizontal lines. Scroll down to Preferences. In the preferences dialog select...
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