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  1. Re: Random Lubuntu PCManFM questions/feedback

    These relate to Lubuntu 19.10. You should upgrade, as 19.04 is soon to be unsupported.
    1 Press F2 to rename a file.
    2 Can't help here.
    3 Click entry in clipboard memory, then Ctrl+V, otherwise...
  2. [lubuntu] Re: 19.10 - Login Screen Icons Oddity for Root/Admin Account?

    Not only the image, you can change the entire appearance of the login screen with different themes. See this posts #3,4,6 of this thead for more information on how.
  3. Re: can I change flavours of Ubuntu, without starting from scratch?

    OK, I installed the Flatpak of Kolourpaint and find I can save/load a file to/from a USB or another partition. Also just looks a lot nicer than the Snap version, and uses the user's selected cursor...
  4. Re: can I change flavours of Ubuntu, without starting from scratch?

    Gimp, Inkscape, and gthumb fit well with Ubuntu. Have you looked into those? I have all three installed, and they meet all my needs for graphics software.

    Kolourpaint also has a flatpak version...
  5. Re: how do I ensure that I install a NON-Snap version of an application (Thunderbird)

    This only works if the snap has the necessary plug. Chromium has the plug, as output in post #25 shows, but for kolourpaint the connect command fails because it doesn't have that plug:

  6. Re: What gtk and shell theme are you using?

    Ubuntu 19.04:
    Application theme: Zukitwo
    Gnome Shell theme: Zuki-shell

  7. Re: how do I ensure that I install a NON-Snap version of an application (Thunderbird)

    Not file permissions, but depends on whether a specific interface is (or can be) connected.

    Most users keep personal files in home folder, and that access is provided in snap applications that...
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    [xubuntu] Re: changing firefox tabs

    Open the Firefox Menu (at far right of address bar), then
    Customize > Themes > Get More Themes.
    On next screen, there is a search box at the top if you know the name (or part of it), or you can...
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    [xubuntu] Re: changing firefox tabs

    Just changing the Firefox theme might help. Many show a difference in the active tab that makes it easy to pick out. See attached screenshot of Adwaita Arc Firefox theme.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Another problem installing ubuntu

    It's not usually necessary to change anything in the BIOS. Did anyone mention the one-time boot menu? On my Dell, just press F12 when booting starts to interrupt the booting and get that menu. See...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Installation of Ubuntu on a 32-bit PC

    FYI: Secure boot is a feature that's only in UEFI.
  12. Re: how do I ensure that I install a NON-Snap version of an application (Thunderbird)

    I should amend the previous post in regard to the above statement. The ability to access these locations was NOT due to some upgrade or improvement in the snaps - it occurred to me later that I had...
  13. Re: how do I ensure that I install a NON-Snap version of an application (Thunderbird)

    If you mount a partition somewhere in your home folder, I believe there's no problem. You can open & save under /media/<user> and /mnt - at least that works from Chromium and Firefox snaps*.
  14. Re: how do I ensure that I install a NON-Snap version of an application (Thunderbird)

    Wow. That's interesting. Change noted.

    You need to mount those HDDs in a supported location for snaps. With Chromium, things have evolved. I have been using the Chromium snap for a long while,...
  15. Re: how do I ensure that I install a NON-Snap version of an application (Thunderbird)

    Neither Synaptic Package Manager nor Apt can install a snap package, so you are "safe" using those. In Ubuntu Software, check the details of any package to see the source (see attachment, which is...
  16. Re: Reliability of dist-upgrade/do-release-upgrade and best install strategy on new P

    If your new computer has 18.04 or 18.04.1, the first thing I would try is to keep your current 18.04, upgrade to the HWE kernel, and try that before going to a newer Ubuntu release.

    See this page...
  17. Re: Disable screensaver/screen lock on Lubuntu 18.04?

    In Ubuntu, the lock screen can be turned off in Settings > Privacy > Screen Lock
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    [SOLVED] Re: Download Directory Problems with Snap

    Just change the Downloads directory in Firefox > Preferences to the "normal" Downloads folder in your Home. This works for the Firefox snap.
  19. Re: How to disable screensaver/screen lock on Lubuntu 18.04?

    Use settings in:
    Menu > Preferences > Power Manager > Display Tab
    Menu > Preferences > Power Manager > Security Tab

    To stop screen blanking, sleep and timed switch off, move all three...
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    Re: Install Gnome by Snap?!

    That is just a support package for gnome applications. You can see it in a list of installed snaps:

    dmn@Sydney-VM:~$ snap list
    Name Version Rev Tracking ...
  21. [lubuntu] Re: LXQT: new Login-Manager and a wrong password

    To make it beautiful, what you do is install another sddm (Lubuntu's display manager) theme.
    See this thread:
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    [SOLVED] Re: VirtualBox Alternatives

    For my personal use, I now use QEMU/KVM for virtual machines rather than VirtualBox. I've not seen any stability problems. You have to try it and decide for yourself. I have it installed on two...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 19.10 can't add home and trash to desktop

    Ubuntu 19.10: How you turn the home and trash on: In Tweaks, click the gear icon next to the switch. That opens another window. Turn the Trash and Home on and off from there.

    Note. In Tweaks, the...
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    Re: Cannot install Wine

    Wine would show as a Category, not a program. You may need to install at least one Windows program before anything will show up in the Menu. Just like in Windows, you need a program's Windows...
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    [lubuntu] Re: Copy launcher link to desktop

    For Lubuntu 19.10, copy the .desktop file for Filezilla to your Desktop folder. It will then automatically appear on the Desktop as well.

    The .desktop file is in /usr/share/applications if you...
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