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    Re: Using Virtualbox for web browsing

    Zero day vulnerabilities which give the ability to an attacker to run arbitrary code from a VM to infect its host system exist. However, such attacker would need at least one more 0 day to chain in...
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    Re: Can Viruses/Malware affect ubuntu?

    I'd say yes. I'm working on a very simple "rootkit" (it works firstly under user privileges only, even though a rootkit supposedly works as root) written in bash (yes, in bash), working on desktop...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Rkhunter error messages on a fresh installation of Linux.

    Since 18.04, rkhunter's started to check shared memory segments, adding some more false positive (I get the same warnings, except it is with Dolphin instead of Nautilus as I'm on Kubuntu).
  4. Re: Lubuntu 14.04 starts with any password

    Does it work the same with your UNIX password?

    As it comes to the end of its support, the updates may have add some bugs or incompatibilities to the oldest distributions?
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    Re: trace the executing script

    Top and pstree I think, even though the question isn't clear.
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    Re: Help choosing between distros

    You may have a look at Kubuntu as well as a former windows user. I've personally never get used to Ubuntu's desktop. I tried a few others and decided to go with KDE.

    As already written, you also...
  7. Re: Is It Possible to Determine What Program Creates a Directory?

    As far as I know, from what I've read out there about files, there is no way to check who or what created a file. I assume it's the same thing with directories.
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Best Practice for Protection of backups against ransomware 2019 ????

    If I had something of this kind to manage, I'd probably work also on processes check. Unless a ransomware were able to get root, it would run from userland. At least, That's what I read about the...
  9. [xubuntu] Re: Very frequent freezes, forcing hard shutdown, on laptop

    Just as a test, you could try a more recent kernel. I'm actually running the 4.19.13 because I've had some freezing issues as well with the one released with Ubuntu 18.04.
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    Re: Short passcode ONLY for lock screen

    Changing the screenlocker password from the UNIX one to another one is probably is good security feature, as long as it is not too easy to find out. At least, something as long as your UNIX password...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Antivirus for ubuntu

    It is mainly discouraged for the average Linux user. I wouldn't say the same things if a company was running a lot of Linux boxes, because they'd have much more interactions with other computers...
  12. [PCLinuxOS] Re: Linux script for crontab to schedule move of zip with current date and moved to w

    In the same command line, you can simply add "mv yourfilefirstplace yourfilesecondplace"
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    Re: Have I been hacked/virus?

    Even though Ubuntu is not malwares proof, it's even less bugs proof. It means that before worrying about malwares, you should think about internal errors. Normally, a "good" malware is supposed to...
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