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    [ubuntu] Re: ata1.01 exception Emask...error

    I think this has someting to do with the new libata driver (?) library they're using in the new kernel. For some reason it's either crapping out or taking its time auto-detecting SATA (and for me,...
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    Re: initramfs: what does it mean?

    Ok folks, not sure I can clarify an answer, but I think I can at least shed some light on what might be going on.

    I installed command-line Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid) on an old i-opener netpliance...
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    [ubuntu] Re: How to restore lost panels in Gnome

    I know it's old, but Thank God for this thread.

    I did a fresh install of Intrepid tonight in order to try to fix Pulse Audio not playing any sound. My modus-operandi after installs is to go...
  4. Re: Nice graphic on transoceanic internet cables...

    That detail can actually get scaled down and used as the "backbone vs. last mile" chart, too.

    There's still quite a bit of data capacity on the telecom backbones for the most part. It's just the...
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    Re: Are Vista icons the "wrong" way round?

    Wow, kick 'em while they're down, dude. :)

    I never really thought about this, nor have I cared to. But, looking at my Vista desktop, yes, the icons "face away" from me in their default position....
  6. Re: Does Mark Shuttleworth post on the forums?

    I would think a cosmopolitan, worldly, intelligent, educated, professional business entrepreneur like Shuttleworth would:

    a) probably not have much time to moonlight on the forums

    b) if he did...
  7. Re: What do you want most in Linux? Developers, please check this out

    I appreciate what you're trying to do, but this isn't a game mod forum. The Dev's don't need a thread in the "town pub" part of the forums stating "Look here! Cool ideas! Get them while they're...
  8. Re: If Aero was available for Linux, would you use it?

    I don't even use Aero in Win Vista. With that, you can probably guess what my answer would be in regards to using it in Linux.
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    Re: 75Mhz, 16 MB of RAM.... What to do?

    75mhz w/16mb ram! Holy crap! That thing will haul butt while playing Ultima 6! Or Ultima 7 for that matter!
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    Re: Your top ten computer annoyances

    My frustrations are mostly software-related ...

    * Progress Meters that just roll to denote action without actually racking up progress. Vista (and lazy programmers) are notorious for this crap.
  11. Re: Amusingly noobish Brainstorm idea: End Ubuntu

    Also, the side benefit is that it's a bit like natural evolution, too. Several variants experimenting with different things, until eventually the "best" (or several best, as the case usually is)...
  12. Does MS Office crash on MS Employees?

    I get done working on a large Excel file at work, and the thing locks up while saving. The error message was very helpful too ... "we're sorry, but the program has died. would you like to submit an...
  13. Re: Nokia urges Linux developers to learn business

    I personally can't stand mobile devices. Computers have given us the idea that we can load any OS & software on them we want. Then the mobile scene goes against that by locking folks into whatever...
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    Re: What's with the 'foo' thing?!

    I thought it was just computer jockeys ripping off the military FUBAR acronym, since programming tends to have its FUBAR moments.

    Too bad they didn't rip off the "John Wayne Toilet Paper" analogy...
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    Re: OMG Damnation!!! What have they done :(

    Was this done so Microsoft could file a patent on Ubuntu's "look & feel" as if it's their own? :)
  16. Re: ISP's confirm '2012: The Year The Internet Ends'

    So in other words, we'd end up with the old BBS systems used in the late 80's / early 90's. Dial up a specific ph#, log into the BBS on the other end, and chat with folks on the forum, get files,...
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    Re: Ubuntu's in a lull right now.

    I think it's like others have said. There's going to be some versions with lots of huzzah and fan-fare over some really cool new stuff. And then there's going to be some versions which are just the...
  18. Re: Careers with a Biology/Life Sciences Degree

    That was a damn good quote!

    Side note for Biology ... most Universities offer a double-major in Biology & Business, since the credits overlap quite a bit. Business may not sound interesting, but...
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    Re: Ubuntu's in a lull right now.

    We're living in a time when it takes folks years to develop software (EG: a game) that others will give a crap about.

    Computer software is complex; Quality takes time. All these folks busting...
  20. Re: I have a Job Interview this tuesday ... I need pointers

    You might want to pass on the job.

    a) working on Ubuntu Server is quite different than working on Ubuntu Desktop. There's more command-line, and usually way more networking tools, config...
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    Re: 2012: Year the internet ends

    I was just coming to terms with the Mayan calendar thing, and then you go and throw Net Neutrality into it. :)

    EDIT: Not having learned from their previous mistake, in the year 2012 Coca-Cola...
  22. Re: Any good games for my specs?

    Admit it...this was just an excuse to post your specs.
  23. Re: Not sure where to ask this but..

    NoScript can also funkify things when it prevents java & page elements from downloading.

    Of course, Bebo may just be one of those sites that disregards web standards and is "best viewed on...
  24. Re: Computer Usage In Movies... "NO-NO-NO!! ALL WRONG!!"

    It's the Kung Fu Movie effect ... a character will usually be mediocre, if not sucky at their primary job. However, they will absolutely rock at whatever side hobbies they have.

    See, Chloe is a...
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    Re: I need help with Folding@Home

    I found this on my first google search. There's also a couple other stand-alone bootables folks have worked on. I think some guy on Source...
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