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  1. [SOLVED] Re: Backend starts too soon,.. need to delay back-end service start

    Finally found the answer,.. ( to the ultimate question),.. here:-

    But basically two steps,... a udev statement

    and adding...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Backend starts too soon,.. need to delay back-end service start

    Many thanks Yonkiman,.. I have followed the thread you comment about,.. and this has given me some more ideas/questions..... My network comes up fine,...even with my SSD system,.. it the TBS tuner ...
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    Re: schedules direct with mythbuntu 16.04

    I have a 16.04 fresh install with SD,. (on top as you might say),.. and sorry it works fine,..... Not much help I appreciate,. but I would say have you remembered to open the privs up on the caching...
  4. [SOLVED] Backend starts too soon,.. need to delay back-end service start

    As per Title,... I have found many articles on the net in different forums,.. but I am still lacking some key information,... which I would greatly appreciate some clarification on.

    I have Clean...
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    [SOLVED] Re: ir-keytable works,.. LIRC fails,...

    As a matter of closure on the thread,.. I did eventually get my system remote to fly.... however, I had to concede I had to run ir-keytable to load and setup some tables,... for use by lirc.....
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    [SOLVED] Re: ir-keytable works,.. LIRC fails,...

    Have played some more,.. I can use irrecord to create a new remote file,... store this in the lirc folder,.. and point to it from the lircd.conf file....

    Then running the lircd of the command...
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    [SOLVED] ir-keytable works,.. LIRC fails,...

    OK,.. I have trawled various forums and wiki's,.. but I am now beginning to struggle as to where next,...

    I have a base mythtbuntu 16 system installed.... using TBS tuner cards,.. all installed...
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    [ubuntu] DNS/DHCP not resolving nodes as expected

    I need some help please,.. I have a mixed Msoft windows Linux environment,.. and I have tweaked the config files on my Raspberry Pi with Bind9 and isc-DHCP server for a while now,.. but my tweaks...
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    [SOLVED] Re: network Bind9 and DHCP

    Thank you so much for your pointer,.... took me a while to get it working,.. but then noticed I had missed the trailing "." from
    ...but have been running things now for about a week...
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    [SOLVED] Re: network Bind9 and DHCP

    Yes,.. Thanks for that,.. some useful thoughts,... some of my linux m/cs have fixed I/P addresses... and they are not privileged to know about the DNS change,... Yet.... But PCs which get their IP...
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    [SOLVED] network Bind9 and DHCP

    I have scanned forms a posts,.. and I am still missing the last pieces of the jigsaw,...

    I have configured myself a Bind9 DNS server,.. as well as a ISC-DHCP_server,.... on the same machine,.. (...
  12. Re: Running root crontab commands at different user levels

    So will the system know that I have come from root,. and NOT prompt me for a passwd if I run this within a cron job.........

    To clarify this a bit for folks,... this is a media centre...
  13. Running root crontab commands at different user levels

    Ok,.. my dilemma is this,..

    I am running a ubuntu apt-get update, followed by a apt-get -y upgrade. this works fine.

    But then I need to run some additional commands within a script as a user,.....
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    [SOLVED] Re: Running a script with mixed privilages

    That's great,.. I was not aware that running sudo within a script worked as though one was typing in at the command line,.. ( I assumed it would prompt for the password at each sudo command ).
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    [SOLVED] Running a script with mixed privilages

    Trying to automate the install of a tuner card driver,.... the problem is some of the script is run as root,.. some as user.

    How can I run the different parts of the build process within the...
  16. Re: /dev/sda: Bad magic number in super-block

    Unless anyone can tell me otherwise,.. following further research,. I am led to believe that a complete disk backup is not possible with the likes of dump and dd,...

    Each partition must be backed...
  17. Re: /dev/sda: Bad magic number in super-block

    Further developments here are that I finally managed to created a cloned disk,.. although loading grub did prove to be a challenge.

    So with new cloned disk,.. tried to image entire disk with...
  18. [SOLVED] Re: passing IR commands from lircrc to the OS/screen manager

    As a point of closure on this question I have found that the following should sort my problem out,.. although I must confess I have not got round to trying it out yet as I have other issues to work...
  19. /dev/sda: Bad magic number in super-block

    Need some help as feeling vulnerable as no means of restore,.. when creating a new bootable system...

    Now my problems started with not being able to successfully restore a dd file save,... and for...
  20. Re: Problems with Grub: /boot/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod not found after restore

    Sorry, Just Bumping this back to the top,.. as I am still looking for help here,..
    I have a nice stable mythtv system,.. that I cannot restore form a dd backup... and I have no idea where or what...
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    Re: Mythbuntu duplicate files

    Not sure what you having going on with you banners folder,.. mine on a 14.04 new build system is emtpy!! Be careful deleting the contents of your recordings folder as there will be database links to...
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    [SOLVED] Re: lcd4linux.conf expressions,....

    After some further investigation and some playing,.. I found a way of displaying what I wanted,..

    However it was at this point I ran into an lcd4linux ( and many other programs limit ), that any...
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    [SOLVED] Re: No sound from Chrome.....

    As An ongoing updates to my old posts,.. I now run mythbuntu 14.04 and yes the base install still does not deliver sound from chrome,...
    However,.. loading the pavucontrol ( pulse audio Volume...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Can't Boot after 14.04.1 LTS Update

    Duly done,.. I assumed they were related issues,. sorry for confusing things.
  25. Problems with Grub: /boot/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod not found after restore

    I did a clean install of mythbuntu 14.04,.. once I got a stable system I created a backup using the following...
    dd if=/dev/sda1 conv=sync,noerror bs=64K | gzip -c >...
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