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  1. How do i stop chrome from opening a new browser window for my browser tabs ... ?

    This happens to me all the time. I'm clicking on one of the chrome tabs on gnome in ubuntu and it opens a new browser window. Pain in the a**.

    How do I stop this from happening ? Also is there a...
  2. Does Gitlab CE come with project time tracking ... ?

    Canít find time tracking for the Gitlab CE projects anywhere.

    Do I have to sign up to paid gitlab in order to see how long my devís have worked on a project ? theyíve been using '/spend' on each...
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    Syntax highlighting on Emacs 25 ?

    Can't get syntax highlighting on Emacs 25...


    M-x font-lock-mode

    Doesn't do anything ... I'm editing JS/HTML/CSS ...
  4. Help with wp-env wordpress docker container instance ...

    My wp-env wordpress docker container seemed to be working fine for me a while back. I downloaded a new version of the site and now i keep getting the error ...

    Error: 'wp-config.php' not found....
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    Blueman crashing xubuntu ...

    So xubuntu on my old HP stream crashes every few hours. I examined syslog and got this ...

    Jun 21 13:46:10 dara-HP-Stream-Laptop-11-y0XX named[676]: network unreachable resolving './DNSKEY/IN':...
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    Re: Problem installing nodejs ...

    Somehow the directory tree for nodejs build/Debug folder got removed with an old wordpress plugin

    Found it again with a

    find -iname 'nodegit.node' -type f

    Then just copied it back into the
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    Problem installing nodejs ...

    So i'm testing a plugin and i want to create a docker instance of wordpress in the root directory of the plugin with

    wp-env start

    I'm on ubuntu 20.04 LTS, i've installed npm and nodejs.

  8. Apache2 site installation and config. Root folder 404.

    I've installed and configured apache. Thing is though, it doesn't seem to be able to find my root folder. It seems to pass a configtest ...

    root@server1:/var/www# sudo apache2ctl configtest...
  9. Re: Issues with Filezilla and FTP command line... ?

    Haven't noticed any connection issues in other applications. Only filezilla.

    Besides isn't that what the 'Failed Transfers' or whatever tab is all about ? To flag missing folders ?

    I requeue...
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    Re: Gitlab defaulting to

    sorry my bad.

    I meant how do i direct it to gitlab.localhost/mygitproject ?

    Of course, I don't own Where is the variable in the gitlab installation that replaces the...
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    Gitlab defaulting to

    Installed gitlab and must have missed a step. Some of the links default to*

    I can correct it by manually changing the url to*

    But it is annoying. How...
  12. Re: Issues with Filezilla and FTP command line... ?

    I could have sworn years ago there was an emacs script that would ping the FTP server regularly to keep the connection alive.

    Maybe a LISP script perhaps ? Can't find anything suitable on Google...
  13. Issues with Filezilla and FTP command line... ?

    I can't seem to open a persistent connection with FTP cli in emacs. The connection keeps timing out making it useless.

    When i use Filezilla UI it keeps missing whole folders in the download path....
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    Problems with LAMP on localhost ...

    I've set up Apache2, PHP and MySQL on ubuntu 18.0.4 but i'm having problems configuring it to work properly ...

    Apache seems to be working

    service apache2 status

    ● apache2.service - The...
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    Re: Skype isn't working

    couldn't install skype from the terminal. Installed fine from the GUI software interface though.
  16. Re: [xubuntu] how do i set persistent connection and infinite timeout in FTP cmd line

    Relax, it's ftp over TLS. It's encrypted.

    Host doesn't have SSH for obvious reasons I suppose.

    FTP will have to do.

    Still don't know how to open persistent connections though :-(
  17. Re: Really annoying phpmyadmin password issue ...

    I have an old wordpress site with blog posts in it. I downloaded a backup of the sql file and opened it my mysql cli.

    But it's full of html/css etc... and isn't transferable to my new site. The...
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    What's happened to IRC freenode chat ?

    I used to use #ubuntu all the time for ubuntu and other queries. But I haven't used it for a long while.

    When i went back to it. It's pretty much useless. Noone answers questions anymore. There...
  19. Really annoying phpmyadmin password issue ...

    No matter what i do I can't seem to satisfy the phpmyadmin database install access password requirements.

    mysql said: ERROR 1819 (HY000) at line 1: Your password does not satisfy the current...
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    Skype isn't working

    I'm trying to install skype but it won't run once installed.

    dara@dara-HP-Pavilion-Notebook-15-bc5xxx:/$ snap install skype --classic
    skype from Skype✓ installed

    I can't run skype...
  21. [xubuntu] how do i set persistent connection and infinite timeout in FTP cmd line ...

    I'm connecting to my remote shared hosting server and i keep timing out. I'm using the command line FTP in emacs.

    I believe i can set 'hash' to stop file transfers from timing out, but i'm not...
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    [xubuntu] system froze

    My xubuntu 18.0.4 LTS crashed on me all of a sudden. I checked 'top' before the crash and some swap program was hogging about 55% of the cpu so maybe it was a swap issue ...

    here's my tail...
  23. Re: Transferring Hosting including mail tutorial ?

    I don't have access to the dns records of the original server. I only have an EPP key ...

    As long as I don't actually delete any emails I should be OK right ?
  24. Transferring Hosting including mail tutorial ?

    I'm going to transferring hosting from one web host to another. I'll also be transferring the mail in the respective accounts using thunderbird if possible.

    Are there any good tutorials for doing...
  25. Can't view my threads on mobile ubuntuforums

    I login but still can't find a way to view my threads on my Samsung Galaxy android mobile.
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