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    [ubuntu] What happened to fast user switching?

    Back in jaunty fast user switching worked great. I use different sessions so that my girlfriend and I can have different things going on. In jaunty it was two clicks to switch between users once you...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Fast User Switching without re-entering passwords

    yup, that does it. I feel like I tried that before and had it not work. Ah well, thanks
  3. [ubuntu] Fast User Switching without re-entering passwords

    My girlfriend and I share a desktop machine, and use different accounts to avoid logging each other out of web accounts everywhere. The fast user switching applet works well for this purpose, and...
  4. [gnome] Re: Annoying gnome mouse pointer in fullscreen games

    Also happens on my eee1000. But thanks for the failsafe terminal thing, that works fine. Now back to playing roms
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