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  1. Re: What Apple gets right and why Linux keeps slipping behind...

    A VAST amount of questions and answers here involve the CLI to accomplish what the user is trying to do. The examples are almost endless. No matter if its a little bit at the start of an install or...
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    Re: MacOS spoof ads mock linux

    When did dip$hit get here?


    Oh man that was funny. A geek with a backpack.
  3. Re: What Apple gets right and why Linux keeps slipping behind...

    The bottom line is...

    The terminal HAS to be an option not a requirement. Linux will fail as a mainstream OS if this is not the end result. There is FAR too much interaction with the CLI for 99%...
  4. Re: What Apple gets right and why Linux keeps slipping behind...

    Come out of your cave and have a look around. Windows rules the world of computers. Its in almost EVERY home and office.

    This is NOT in dispute.

    1% of computer users run linux.

    8 to 10% a...
  5. Re: What Apple gets right and why Linux keeps slipping behind...

    And thats why windows dominates the world of computers. Why would you WANT to make a tool for productivity harder than it has to be?

    Linux has ZERO chance unless it learns from the strengths of...
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    Poll: Re: The Linux Desktop Readiness Thread

    How nice of you to DUMP yet another thread into a SEVEN HUNDRED AND SEVENTEEN PAGE conversation with SEVEN THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTEEN replies.

    Way to go genius. While you are at it why not...
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    Re: Blogger slams Ubuntu vs. Windows

    The guy hit the nail on the head with that article.

    But hey. Linux works for me anyway.
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    Re: Video Podcast Question

    Floola: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    Mepis64 v6.5 (KDE)

    Any suggestions?
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    Re: Puppies used to smuggle heroin

    Apparenty you have no clue as t what you are talking about.

    Thousands of drugs (who are you to determine what one is good or bad) are legal.


    the list goes on and on.
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    Re: Puppies used to smuggle heroin

    Not a chance in hell that someone is born to do drugs or drink.

    ALL humans have a choice. You can do it or not. VERY simple.

    That being said I wont argue that some people are completely weak...
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    Re: Puppies used to smuggle heroin

    Why is it frightening? There is nothing wrong with me or anyone else placing more value on their dog than someone they dont even know.

    What differece does it make what color thay are anyway? Or...
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    Re: List your favorite StarTrek characters:

    Why do they feel the need to toss in the token queer english guy? Like the guy on DS9 (I refuse to watch it for that reason alone) and the other one in enterprise. That pretty much ruins the complete...
  13. Re: What was that app called that let you see hard disk usage?

    sudo apt-get install kdf

    KDE version
  14. Re: Eric S. Raymond: Goodbye Fedora, Hello Ubuntu

    LOL. Please tell me you dont actually subscribe to that crap.:lolflag:
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    Re: Cuba switching to linux only...

    I completely disagree with that assumption.

    Look at the high power liberals in America. They are EXTREAMLY rich (but dont want anyone else to be).

    MS is in bed with the liberal left. They are...
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    Re: What are some cool things to do in Linux?

    Crack Winxp Admin passwords in 2 min
  17. Re: Linspire and Ubuntu partnering up / CNR ported to Ubuntu...

    CNR will draw from the Ubuntu repositories (just like synaptic does now) as well as the extra stuff that CNR offers and sells.

    If your system works now it will work later. Dont panic!:)
  18. Re: Ubuntu Canonical + Linspire Partnership...What are Your thoughts about this?

    :-({|= ):P

    How is Ubuntu NOT going in the right direction? Because linspire chooses to use the Ubuntu core? Because an open source program wants to make its self available to a Ubuntu based...
  19. Re: We will get CNR!

    As someone said a few months ago

    "The fiercest opposition came from the Foss Purists...those that break out in hives and a low grade fever when proprietary binaries are suggested for inclusion...
  20. Re: Linspire is the new mepisubuntu

    Not personal? Good god man! You seem to have a heep of information and links to the *spire forums yet you cant stand them. That leads me to the conclusion that you are something akin to an obsessed...
  21. Re: Linspire is the new mepisubuntu

    Thats like saying synaptic is broke and you cant install anything.

    You should read your post's before you hit the submit button.
  22. Re: Linspire is the new mepisubuntu


    You have got to be one of the most negative people I have ever encountered.

    Did you get beatup by the school yard bully EVERYDAY? It that why you are so negative? Do tell, whats...
  23. Re: We will get CNR!,-Heads-Up-Linux,-Youre-on-in-5..4..3..2-cue-music....html
  24. Re: CNR For Ubuntu....From A New User Perspective


    what a kook!

    Just delete it dude.:lolflag:
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    Re: Gmail Alternative

    I was also goint to suggest this.
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