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  1. I installed from USB ISO , I have no CD , but cannot upgrade without it,

    My question is - how do I recover from this ?
    I do not have CD .

    0 upgraded, 38 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
    Need to get 9,732 kB/47.9 MB of archives.
    After this...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Multiboot system - help with troublehooting

    I have experiences total crash after running "sudo apt update" and was trying to
    capture the outputs from repository instigating the crash.
    But it seems futile to even try , so for now I am...
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    What is LSB module ?

    qs@qs-desktop:~$ lsb_release -a
    No LSB modules are available.
    Distributor ID: Ubuntu
    Description: Ubuntu 21.04
    Release: 21.04
    Codename: hirsute
    qs@qs-desktop:~$ apt-get...
  4. [ubuntu] Multiboot system - help with troublehooting

    Is there a way to start / run another OS while the current one is running?
    i like to retrieve log of faulty OS.
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    [SOLVED] sudo apt update FYI

    This post is strictly for information only - it is provided as service to the community .
    No reply is necessary nor expected.

    I was a happy user of 21.04 .
    Last night I decided to download new...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Question - file manager copy "timing"

    I am asking for time comparison - that has pretty much very little to do with actual physical size of the files.
    But since you brought it up - I am copying about 20kb files of 500Mb and having 8Gb...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Question - file manager copy "timing"

    We cannot read minds.
    Nobody asked you.
    If the post if not clear to you , do not bother to reply or post stupid remarks.
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    [ubuntu] Re: How do I get to "download" ?

    OK, after "sudo nautilus" I get two pane display and on left I have "Filesystem root" (sic) then "home" then user (?) / name and then I get to the "Download".
    Now the downloaded file is pretty...
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    [ubuntu] How do I get to "download" ?

    OK , I bypass "File manager" phony security by command
    sudo nautilus

    That gets me to "snap" which I have no clue what it does and do not care.
    How do I get to "Download" folder from there?
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    [SOLVED] Re: where in my background file ?

    gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.background picture-uri
    That worked.
    You have helped to maintain family unity.
    My better half saw my background picture I asked me to send it to her.
    I did not...
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    [SOLVED] where in my background file ?

    I can get to my background setting and see part (?) of my background file but cannot find out where it is located.
    Clicking on "picture" does nothing.
    Looking thru "pictures" - it is not there.
  12. [ubuntu] Question - file manager copy "timing"

    I do copy of about 30000 files
    first copy from HDD to same HDD starts with ...15 minutes...
    second copy same HDD to same HDD starts with ...40 seconds
    My assumption is the first copy is "saved"...
  13. [ubuntu] Re: LibreOffice Writer - new document won't

    I am not sure why is it so challenging to follow the original post.

    I am not aware of "MULTIPLE FUNCTION icons " or whatever you have called it. But that is NOT the issue.

    Allow me to...
  14. [ubuntu] LibreOffice Writer - new document won't

    Is there a chance for this to get corrected ?
    Or will I get - "it is 3rd party software " excuse ?

    Ubuntu gives options to "New Document" when LibreOffice icon is clicked on desktop.
    But it...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Using RAID 5 - chaging device md number

    Here is my current mdstat -
    ton of garbage I need to clean.
    The array I recently created as md0 is now md126.
    And that is the only array I currently care for.
    I think part of the "problem"...
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    [ubuntu] Re: error 4 browser cannot play video

    Thanks, makes perfect sense with one exception - ubuntu-restricted-extras
    installs ton of stuff . Space is no problem , but having unnecessary stuff just laying around is invite to hack.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Copy OS while using it ...??

    First of all - did anybody actually read my original post ?
    A correct answer would have been - no.

    There must be a difference between "backup" and copy / duplicate/ clone ...
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    [ubuntu] error 4 browser cannot play video

    I believe this "error' appeared with version 16 .
    And there was a fix for it.

    Now I am on 21.04 and still getting "error 4 " on SOME videos.
    It affects FireFox and the "advise " is to ...
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    [ubuntu] Copy OS while using it ...??

    This is silly - but - after downloading and running "clonezilla" it became obvious I cannot use it from running OS.
    To clone real working OS I have to run another copy of OS ....
    In essence I...
  20. [ubuntu] Using RAID 5 - chaging device md number

    I have build RAID 5 as "md0" , now almost every time I boot I do not have "md0" but "md" or "md126" or "md127" - same RAID 5 with different "device" .
    It has been that way since my first Ubuntu...
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    [ubuntu] Re: what is in timing ?

    This is unconfirmed rumor but it appears that UEFI setting for " hot keys access " (firmware) to setup timeout on boot appears to be related to NUMBER OF BOOT SETTING
    If there is only ONE...
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    [ubuntu] Applications won't run

    I am currently using 21.04 and having an issue with NOT running application from desktop.
    I won;t even get the spinning circle, but I can run the app using command line.

    How can I check what...
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    [ubuntu] Re: RAID 5 stuck - bug ?

    Read the post again - after an hour or so it was 17 % complete assembling empty disks.
    After reboot it is nowhere to be found.
    I am not sure how knowledge of how...
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    [ubuntu] RAID 5 stuck - bug ?

    Just created RAID 5 - it has no files.
    After an hour I did check the status

    sudo cat /proc/mdstat

    it will finish in 2452.5min

    md0 : active raid5 sda8[3] sda7[1] sda6[0]
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    [ubuntu] Re: what is in timing ?

    Finally a decent response.
    To alleviate any misconception about the purpose of my post - rant or asking question- let me start over I ONE STEP AT THE TIME.

    When I turn the power on - after...
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