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    Re: How many of you completely switched to Linux?

    I'm a gamer and I completely switched to linux.
    I've been running it for a year (most of 2009), then tried win7 for a year and back to linux now. I switched to win7 to test it out, and it stuck....
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    [ubuntu] Re: DC++ client on Ubuntu Server?

    Through the Direct Connect page I found the following 2 options.

    First there's a text based client (DCTC, The creator states that it's not to be...
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    [ubuntu] Re: SOLVED Headphone & Speaker Issue SOLVED

    This was the ONLY solution that worked to this. No one else seems to even understand the problem.
    Thank you So Much. Without this I'd given up on Ubuntu, a thing like this simply does it you know.
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Sound comes from Laptop speakers and headphone!

    I had already figured your steps out by myself, still the problem continues to exist.
    I can mute and unmute the "Front" as I like, it mutes All sound (not just the speakers).

    In the past I had...
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