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    Re: screen going black

    You do not give us any information that would help us to help you.

    Hardware specifications? What operating system? If it is Ubuntu what version? Is it a dual boot with another OS? What do you see...
  2. Re: What feature does Mesa drivers ?

    Mesa is not a video driver. It is a 3D graphics library. Keep in mind that hardware and software have been developing over a long period of time. There is a great variation in hardware even on...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Where to install programs in a good way?

    I must be missing something.

    I last used Microsoft's Windows almost 20 years ago. So, things might have changed. But as I understand things, in Windows the user can choose a folder to install a...
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    Re: Help with GParted

    My advice is to do one action at a time. Some of these actions take a long time to complete. A list of actions will take a very long time to complete. I get nervous waiting and wondering. So, I do...
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    [xubuntu] Re: New user Guideline for Ubantu

    There are two web sites that you should visit.

    Canonical is the commercial organisation that publishes the Ubuntu distribution of Linux. That web...
  6. Re: What software to use for making a booting USB ?

    I had the same problem when I wanted a bootable USB of Debian. I installed mkusb and it had no problem making bootable USB sticks of several different ISO images
  7. [SOLVED] Re: How disable updates in Kubuntu 20 ?

    I do not know for sure but try looking for something called "Software Sources."

    Things most likely have changed...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Recommended way to mass deploy Ubuntu desktop

    i am assuming that these machines are on a network and the network has access to the internet. This information might be useful. I have no experience of putting it into practice.
  9. Re: I failed to install indicator-brightness on ubuntu 20

    PPA = Personal Package Archive and they are hosted on the Canonical server.

    As you can see from the...
  10. Re: Lubuntu as default system (no screen for BIOS)

    This information might be of help. It is old information but it is from the same time period as Windows 8.

    Note this section:


    If you load...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: It does not pick up the computer after an interruption in the update.

    Do you get a Grub boot menu? If you do I suggest that at the Grub boot menu you select Advanced Options for Ubuntu and then select a Linux kernel with recovery mode. At the recovery menu select...
  12. Re: How correctly add deb suppoort to my Kubuntu 20?

    Just to be clear for anyone reading this thread and does not know: The Debian (deb) package format is still the standard package format for applications that run on Ubuntu and distributions based...
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    Re: Ubuntu in the Boot Menu

    It did not happen. The printout from those two commands shows that there is only one Linux partition (Ext4) and that is on the 250GB drive (CT250MX500SSD1). Ubuntu does not install on Microsoft...
  14. Re: Need help upgrading from Ubuntu 16.04.7 LTS with ESM enabled on a NIS server

    I am not in any way suggesting that this is the answer, but you should disable that PPA in the sources.list file by commenting it out with a # or removing the line completely. The upgrade process...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ms teams

    With Zoom system settings>sound will show new inputs for microphone & speakers. Do you get the same with Teams?

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    [ubuntu] Re: boot sequence mac/ ubuntu

    Just to confirm. When you first installed Ubuntu did you get a Grub boot menu that allowed you to choose between Ubuntu and Mac OS? Try running this command and see if the output mentions the Mac OS....
  17. [SOLVED] Re: Can i install ubuntu to a new Disk?

    I find it very difficult to read you post because of the unnecessary colours you have chosen to format the text in. So, I will just direct you to these installation guides.
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    [SOLVED] Re: 21.10 Upgrade questions

    An earlier thread on Firefox as a snap offered this link to an announcement on Ubuntu Discourse:
  19. Re: ubuntu-doesnt-install-lxc-centos-template

    The information on Linux Containers says this:

    The template for CentOS is on your system. The command you used should pull up a menu from which...
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    Re: No more snap for me.

    I think so. The experts use the term "immutable." It means that the OS is in its own partition and it is read-only. That prevents the user from changing system files. It might even prevent clever but...
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    Re: No more snap for me.

    In my opinion the future for Linux is Flatpack or Snap (or both) but not rpm or deb.

    Some years ago Canonical produced a version called Ubuntu Personal. It was a snap based OS that had Over The...
  22. Re: ubuntu-doesnt-install-lxc-centos-template

    Are you aware that development of CentOS will stop at the end of 2021? The error message may be indicating that Ubuntu no longer is providing a CentOS image for installation in LXC. Ubuntu developers...
  23. Re: Ubuntu cannot boot correctly after Windows 10 updating

    On this forum we prefer users wanting help with booting to use Boot Repair to create a BootInfo summary and then add the pastebin address to the thread. We do not advise running Boot Repair to repair...
  24. Re: WINE can not change to .wine/dosdevices and does not open

    I would ask: Did you re-install Wine and then use Wine to re-install these two Windows programs? I know the answer is obvious but if we copy the Wine configuration files from one SSD to another SSD...
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    [ubuntu] Re: how to read contents of sdb1

    Is sdb1 the label of this second drive? Normally sdb1 would indicate the first partition on sdb. I assume that sdb1 is the label. You have mounted the drive in /mnt/.

    Open the terminal and change...
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