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    [kubuntu] Re: Odd sound card issue

    I would recommend updating UEFI ("BIOS") before anything else.
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    Re: Ubuntu 18.04. won't reboot


    First of all update UEFI ("BIOS").
  3. Re: DRIVERS: HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M479fdw

    ... or just run 'sudo apt install hplip-gui'... This will install all the dependencies in one go.
  4. Re: can't open windows 10 as dualboot (wrong bootloader)


    So, if UEFI it should be as easy as changing the UEFI boot order back to "Windows bootloader manager", boot Windows 10 directly and proceed with the above instructions regarding Fast...
  5. Re: Changed themes with Gnome-tweaks... can't restart PC!!

    Linux Lite has XFCE, not Gnome. Gnome Tweaks is tool exclusively for the Gnome DE. I suggest you start researching how to change themes in the DE you're actually using.
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Installed Ubuntu 18.4 on HP ENVY Laptop 13-aq1xxx, failed speack, mouse touchpad

    Please open your own thread and describe the problems you're having. And reiterating a comment above, for new hardware use the newer release, do not do as the OP, start by installing the current...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Language and keyboard layout

    All you need is the "dead keys" option.
  8. Re: Switching between Windows and Ubuntu messes with the time on Windows.
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Timeshift driving me around the bend, again.

    Yes, gaming \\:D/

    The default location for settings is ~/.steam and games are downloaded/installed at ~/.steam/steam. But Steam is very flexible and allows installing games pretty much anywhere...
  10. Re: NVIDIA GPU Unresponsive after low latency kernel installation


    How did you install the Nvidia drivers?
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    Re: GIMP Crash

    Perfectly normal. There's always system and video reserved memory.
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Atheros AR9285 Wifi : Unavailble 802.1x Supplicant failed

    Please run the script again to see what other things it might be complaining of.
  13. [kubuntu] Re: 20.04 greater than 5.4.0-39 boot stuck on text screen no gui

    No, not helpful.
    Please rad the thread to understand the issue.
  14. Re: No edit connection option in ubuntu 16.04


    WHY? Ubuntu 16.04 has less than a year of support left.

    Could have other cause but most probably support for your network devices came with newer releases. Then everything you...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Atheros AR9285 Wifi : Unavailble 802.1x Supplicant failed

    What else have you done?

    Other then simply not using WICD, an piece of old software crap (whoever suggested that should be arrested LOL), all the other changes suggested were at the router/AP and...
  16. Re: can't enter wifi security password, locked, red highlight

    FYI automatic login is really really NOT recommended.
    Even the current Windows version doesn't allow it by default and makes it harder than ever to explicitly enable it. Surely there's a reason....
  17. Re: Blogging Software Recommendations?



    Other ideas:
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    [ubuntu] Re: HP Pro 3420 video problem

    What exactly?
  19. Re: cancelled lubuntu install wiped operating system

    Exactly which option did you chose for installation? "Erase and install..." or "install alongside" or "something else"?

    The latter is very unlikely because that requires some knowledge about...
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    Re: Acer wireless mouse not working

    WiFi and wireless mice have nothing in common apart from the fact that both depend on radio (wireless) technologies.

    Wireless or wired mice show up the same way at System Settings > Mouse and...
  21. Re: cancelled lubuntu install wiped operating system

    "Try Lubuntu" in the first menu is the option to test / run a live session. If you didn't see this menu then I wonder where did you get the installation ISO from and/or how did you burn it in the USB...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: Atheros AR9285 Wifi : Unavailble 802.1x Supplicant failed

    You need to change the router's settings like... NOW!

    Only use WPA2-AES, not any WPA/WPA2 mixed mode and certainly not TKIP (roughly quoting chili555 from memory), deprecated a long time ago,...
  23. Re: Brand new laptop, external display not detected, need help please!

    Post #2 has the answer.
  24. [ubuntu] Re: does this mouse is a good buy for linux?

    Typically the more "generic" they are the better.

    Only a handful of mice from a couple of brands have issues without some specific driver and/or some additional non-standard functions/button may...
  25. [ubuntu] Re: Wifi : Unavailble 802.1x Supplicant failed

    Thank you for the attachment. However the script in this section sticky is more useful to troubleshoot this sort of issues:
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