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    How does this happen?

    On various forums I've seen the occasional thread about people with 32 bit installations to modern hardware. My question is how does this happen? 64 bit has been the standard for 10, 15, maybe 20...
  2. Re: need help in setting up a headless x11vnc server

    I did a headless Kodi for a library master node. It's running on my server, this link holds the instructions. You should be able...
  3. Re: installer does not let me use user name "admin"

    I don't know why that is. I've never used that for a username before. Maybe it's already used. If that is the case maybe make a user with sudo, login, and adjust that user to be able to login? May be...
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    Re: What can you trust?

    The only person I trust for information in Tucson AZ in the states is my wife. She works in a local hospital. She sees the reality of it daily. I wear a mask due to that. I think the media will...
  5. Re: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS offline repo

    That seems to be very old and manual. Check out the apt-mirror package. Set a single config file and run it whenever is convenient.
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    Re: Is this a viable concept?

    Dont reinvent the wheel? Get a modest laptop and use a live image? Shouldn't be to hard to modify image to automatically do the mac address business on boot. Also install your preferred browser.
  7. Re: Seeking advise for new computer

    Dell hasn't let me down for ease of use with Linux. At one point they used to sell some machines with Ubuntu. Don't know if they still do.
  8. Re: is it unhealthy to jump the motherboard power pins to power on?

    That's all the power button really is. A temporary jump between the 2 pins. Perfectly safe although I'd not recommend it as regular practice. Mainly because eventually something will go south and you...
  9. Re: My preference for Covid protection

    Its sad to see how many out here in Arizona not wearing masks. People have literally had tantrums when told they can't enter here or there.

    Some say they work. Some say they don't. For me, I'll...
  10. Poll: Re: Should I upgrade my ubuntu desktop version from 18.04 to 20.04 ?

    If you have to ask then no. Why change something that is proven stable thus far. If all of your devices are working properly then no rush. Let 20.04 mature a bit before making it a daily driver....
  11. Re: Is it possible to bridge ethernet ports like a switch?

    So according to the debian wiki this can be done with a regular bridge. Ubuntu however uses netplan. So you will need to create a configuration file for it to read. Config file in /etc/netplan/
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    Re: Anyone else have this problem?

    This is why dogs are man's best friend. I'm not sure if there is a similar saying for a cat, and this is why.
  13. [server] Re: Ubuntu Server 19.10: WOL not working

    I'd suggest going through your bios / efi again. I had a hell of a time getting it to work on a couple of my media center machines. It wasn't just a single setting, rather 2 or 3 different ones in...
  14. Re: What computer treasures have you found outside of the major stores?

    Goodwill loves me. Yesterday, 7 bucks. Netgear AC1200 R6220 router. All good. Just had to cut out about 8-10 inches of the power cord due to pinching. I could replace the power adapter for 15-20...
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    Re: Using 2nd HD for storage

    Terminal makes this easy as hell. Look up mounting drives, fstab, and chown command. Be very cautious with chown as you can blast your system with it easily. Im sure there is a gui way but terminal...
  16. Re: What computer treasures have you found outside of the major stores?

    This week has been a pretty good score for me. I'm calling myself the Goodwill king right now.

    Sunday, Netgear N900 WNDR4500 router. Whoever tossed it thought it was busted. Took me all of 10...
  17. [SOLVED] Re: How to configure media sharing in ubuntu 20.04 without being logged in?

    I don't know anything about 20.04 and Rygel. I'd stick with something I know for sure works as a service. Minidlna. Idiot proof to configure and has a service file already when installed. Short of it...
  18. [server] Re: Moved my drive to a new PC - what should I be checking?

    Normally one wouldn't search for a problem without a symptom. It will show up somewhere obvious if the problem exists at all.
  19. Re: Are system76 computers worth the extra money?

    If I had problems with other more mainstream brands with drivers and such, I would say yes due to the near perfect usability with Linux. But these days that has become almost a non issue. In the last...
  20. Re: What file system do you use for flashdrives?

    I stopped using them for anything other than Windows installations awhile ago. I do all my installation via pxe boot these days. As such when I did used to use them regularly I tried to stick with...
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    Re: Ubuntu Netplan

    Don't know much about netplan, and I don't use anything beyond basic static ip with bridges. I'm fairly sure things need to be defined in order, but not positive. As such this is how I would write...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: Struggling with Ubuntu headless via VNC

    I was just looking at your OP post again. If you intend to use this as a headless desktop then I would recommend against a full Ubuntu Gnome gui. You won't exactly get great performance with it over...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: 20:04 - I bought a GPU off of Ebay, how can I tell if it is ecellerated.....

    Deleted my previous post as it was to dumb...

    According to your post above the driver is loaded. That being said if your monitor is plugged into the card and you don't see any artifacting or other...
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    Looking for suggestions on relatively high resolution cameras for Zoneminder. Looking to set up a bird watching camera in my yard. I've never once done anything with this type of thing so I have...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Dell inspiron 2800 still works

    It is a bit of an advanced setup for a new user but you can put a pxe boot server on your lan. Every machine over the last 20 some years should be able to pxe boot an installer. Has saved me many...
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